I’m a new breed From the bondage of sin been freed Not like most I put Godly principals before
me Stake my life on truth and honesty and amongst
allies I expect loyalty But the world has mistaken my kindness for
weakness, my boldness for fakeness, my submission for meekness See I’m a new breed The very word that I speak out I live it My word is my bond I meant it My characters my crown I wear it For God I proclaim and wish anyone would dare
it A new breed not like them other chicks that
you’ve seen No perfect but God in my veins flows freely Transparent so the world can’t help but to
see me But the enemy in the inner you sits twisted
wanting to cut into me but it can’t happen, won’t happen I refuse to back down, sit down, or calm down
because you questioning and lying on me is questioning the God in me and your blatant
disrespect is horrifying and causing anger within me. But I pray I pray you repent and ask God to show you
his way Those who speak against God’s anointed Receive judgement from the only one who’s
appointed Jesus Christ Yea I’m a new breed And if you still have questions Come see me