Hi I’m bobby Crispy this Video is part of my Guitar Lesson Series So today i’ll show how to play wish, you, were here by pink Floyd Okay, i’ll use the Top above Starts Off With Intro I’ll play it first then I’ll show how it’s played Note for Note [ok], so here Goes okay the good Thing About Playing Intro Is that You don’t have to move your pinkie Or your ring Finger Stays on the First string Third fret and The 2nd string [3rd] fret Throughout Okay so it Starts off [on] the Top string Third fret Fifth String Open Hammer Onto the Second Fourth String Open Fourth String seventh fret Then You Play That Chord Like that Strong A few Times Finish to the Fourth string second fret Third String Open Back to the Fourth String Second fret What string open Then Played a g chord? Now what you just Played again Look [at] the next Part [first] part is the Same Top string Third fret Second Sorry Fifth String Open Air under the Second Fourth String Open Second fret This Time its Fourth String Second fret Fourth String Open Fifth String Second fret Let’s reopen The Chord You Play The Top Two strings Open Middle Two string the Second fret The Bottom String Third fret Play That again you Then The end of the Intro Is Top string Open it’s right first string Open [2nd] fret Open Pull off The Top String 3 fret and Play G Chord So it’s Then The Verse [It’s] pretty Easy now each Chord Gets Four beats so it Starts on C that D – that’s A Minor Energy [-] D See de Mightor G then it okay, so that’s the Verse and You play the verse again and Then You play the Intro again Once That Is the Course Which is Exactly the Same as A verse See We’re Just So the [core] Somebody Singing wish you, were here [is] Exactly the Same as the verse Same Chords And then it’s the Intro you [Play] That Through Twice Exactly as it is in the Intro Okay, well that’s the Lesson I hope it’s Been Helpful and Thanks for Watching?