You ask, ‘Why poetry?’, I say, ‘Why not’,
‘Because it isn’t a literary genre that is hot, Besides how many people read nowadays?
Definitely not poetry, it would be prose any day’, Most poets come across as insufferable know-it-alls,
Those who believe they have a license to censure or appall, Some wonder if I have too much free time,
Some worry for me, whether all is fine, Some assume I think I’m a modern day Shakespeare,
Or perhaps a feminist with a keyboard for a spear, Some ask, ‘But why do your poems always have to rhyme?’, Because I enjoy a little music and rhythm
from time to time, There is a natural beat and rhythm to life
itself, We can hear it when the mind is quiet and
we are by ourselves, But first and foremost I write for myself,
For the process of writing is enjoyable in itself, And if happens to tickle my funny bone,
I wonder why I should be laughing alone, If I have observed something interesting someday,
Why not share it and add to someone else’s day, Moreover, it can be comforting for some too,
Knowing your experiences aren’t limited to you, But other people also live and learn the same way, Go through the same ups and downs in their day, So I say ‘Yes’ to poetry and to the joy it
may bring, If prose is a sunny summer, poetry is a beautiful spring! Copyright © Priya Jetley