One song that comes up quite a lot is 500 miles just because it punctures almost every significant event in Edinburgh, so ceilidhs, Burns Night, New Year’s, and it’s always done with a group of people So for sure that one Didn’t know who Bruce Springsteen was until I came to university which for my faults that was a massive one. But I’m a massive Bruce Springsteen fan now due to my flatmate who introduced me to Bruce Springsteen, and ‘Radio Nowhere’ came out in 2007 – still my favourite song. All about the kind of political, social unrest at the time. And it’s just a really good rock song The song that reminds me of my time at Edinburgh – that’s easy. It’s ‘Hold On to Your Dreams’ by ELO Released in 1981, I was in my second year and I remember playing it in my head as a marched across the Meadows en route to lectures, in all weathers. through good times and harder times It became a song for life and as my journey unfolded and my dreams evolved that song stayed at the root of it all and actually still does today.: Taylor Swift, ‘Shake it Off’.: Shake it off. Yeah, absolutely: I feel like whether you like Taylor Swift or not, it was a really catchy song: It just reminds you of all the stress of your deadlines, and essays – just shake it off!There are many but the one that reminds me of my time here is ‘Whatever It Takes’ by Imagine Dragons and the reason – I mean, I think the title suggests it by itself because I came here after a lot of struggle both financial and personal and Coming here Whenever I was low or whenever it was not very motivated I usually listened to this song especially during this time when I was writing my dissertation Yeah, sure. Is it already on? Okay, sorry ‘Caledonia’ – I think it’s by, I don’t know the original version, but the one I listened to when I was here was by Amy MacDonald Yeah, that’s always reminds me of Edinburgh. Yeah, there’s a few songs I think of when I think about my time studying here, and one is the ‘Gaudeamus’ from graduation So I think of that if I when I think about graduating, but actually the song I probably think of most is Toto and ‘Africa’ And if you do know the song it’s a pretty terrible terrible lyrics anyway but it’s a really really catchy song and so I often think about that when I’m either working in Africa or when I’m thinking about my time having studied here ‘No Tears Left to Cry’ by Ariana Grande because I’ve definitely cried enough over every assignment I’ve ever submitted