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Now let’s get started. Well, I have enjoyed interacting with Nightwish fans
in the comments of my last Nightwish video. I am going to have to tell you
that I have to change the way I do my videos because of copyright law. I’m
going to have to break things up with my commentary just like everybody else.
Please let me know in the comments what you think below. Without further ado,
let’s dig in! Is that whispering? Spooky! Sounds like a child singing… Definitely like the little boy soprano. A
little bit out of tune, a little bit precious. Just so sweet! Nightwish are so epic!
The film score nature of their orchestration is just beautiful.
Okay, let’s keep going. Here comes the drummer. So beautiful! Oh my goodness! I so want to see them in concert! That is so cool… …with movie screens behind them…oh my
gosh! Yeah! Can you imagine how amazing it would be
to sing with this band? It would just be so incredible! She’s so lucky to get to
have this gig!! I just…I’m amazed! Amazed by her and just amazed by the whole
process. They are so creative. I just can’t imagine what it would be like to
see a whole show of these epic songs that they do. I have such respect for
them. Okay, let’s keep going… I love his voice too! Oh, that’s so
awesome! This is killing me having to interrupt. I’m so sorry. Yuck! I know it’s awful. Let’s keep going… Yes! She’s the best! Wow! That is so funny to me!
Being married to a musician and having musicians around me all the time…the guy
who goes up to the keyboard player as if to say, “Can you believe we get to do
this for a living?” What do YOU think he’s saying? Leave a comment down below. I’m looking out over my kingdom saying, “Yes!
This is what I get to do!” The song seems to have a lot of straight
tone in it. So, even as she’s up at the top of her belting range, it’s all
very straight. That’s a really hard placement to sing in, no matter what
dynamic you’re using. She’s doing it so well. I mean, she’s just so consistent
all the time. And I really do love their voices together there. It’s powerful and
right on the money. It’s just incredible Okay, let’s keep going! That movie screen! Wow! That is so
cool! An obvious shift in mood… Please tell me this man is scoring
movies. He needs to be. No! She’s amazing! So you can hear the difference in tone,
but again, straight tone. It’s a difference between when she’s belting it out and now
this very light, airy straight tone. It’s a little unstable…because I think she’s
adding some emotion to it. Their songs are stories. This one is just epic. It’s
like a multi-act play. It’s beautiful. Moving on… Yet another tone quality… So I’ve talked about this before with other
singers on this channel. You can use your voice to actually have ‘colors’, and she
definitely does this! She has so many colors in her tone. It’s almost like
she’s singing different genres all together in this in this one beautiful song.
Her capacity to be able to do that, her artistry in doing it, she’s just stunning!
Okay, moving on… Another shift in the mood… Okay, that’s intense! Wow, I was not
expecting that to be part of the story. Interesting. Okay, where do we go from
here? I’m little afraid. Here we go… Can we just talk for a minute? They are
so tight getting all those hits, all the different moods. It’s very impressive.
Very, very impressive. I love it! Moving on That movie screen is killing me with the birds
flying across! Just the music alone would be enough but
then they have so much for their fans with the lighting and film. Oh my goodness! Oh no! We have a screaming part. It’s
so hard on your voice. For those of you who watch this channel because you’re
trying to learn how to sing, please be careful. Because basically what you’re
doing is just making hamburger out of your vocal folds.
I love his singing voice. I don’t want him to hurt himself. But, I mean, obviously
he’s a grown man. He’s an adult. He can do what he would like with his voice. But
wow, be careful. Okay let’s keep going. This composition gives me chills. And he’s just playing that bass and now he’s singing again…
no worse for wear. now she’s got a little vibrato
there at the end of that phrase. Gosh!
Oh my goodness! Okay, I was not expecting that. I’ve just got cold chills. They use
their lighting to their greatest effect. The lighting and the film behind
them… it’s just amazing. Where do we go from here? Okay, here we go. I have a
feeling we’re heading into another act here of this play that they’re creating. Totally different feel now. It’s an interesting feel after so much
intensity. It’s kind of giving you the chance as a listener to have a breather. Now you’ve got another tone quality,
another color, and another straight tone Very reminiscent of the child voice at
the beginning of this piece. And obviously showing emotion as well
because of the death that happens in the last act of the song. She’s just unsurpassed. She’s so good! Now bringing more strength into her
sound. She’s singing in unison with the bass
player. Cool! I really love how he writes his string
lines as well. They are so tasty. Really nice. So now it’s kind of echoing from the
beginning, the child voice. Floor takes over here now. Very difficult to do that high straight
tone. She’s right in the pocket. It’s just so
supportive. Gorgeous! Nice! Oh my goodness… Wow, okay let’s talk about it. I am so
stunned by Nightwish and their musicianship, the tightness of their band,
the incredible symphonic sound that the composer writes, and the stories that
they tell through their music. Floor is amazing. Just so many colors in her sound
that are gorgeous, and she shows such range as a singer to be able to handle
the rock vocal as well as the much more tender high notes that she sings in this piece.
I would love to be a fly on the wall during their rehearsal process!
It would be so interesting to see what their process is and how much time
they put into this. This is no joke! They deserve all of the accolades
that they get. I loved this. I absolutely loved it. So interesting. A little
unsettling and concerning at times. Especially to write a piece about your
own death. I thought that was really interesting. Maybe you can leave me a
comment below to give me a little more insight, you fans out there, on what this
piece is about and how it affects you. I’d love to hear from you. Well, that’s it
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Love Co., and now on You can get all the details in the
description box below. As a professional musician, it is such a joy to see
musicians like Nightwish operating in such excellence at such a high level
of capability. It’s really a lot of fun! And the most fun for me when I think about
this piece was seeing the guitarist step over to Tuomas and just revel in the
moment. I don’t know exactly what he was thinking or saying, but he sure looked
like he was thinking, “This is GOOD!” It’s so much fun to be in that
space in LIFE!! I want to keep encouraging you to find your voice and make your
sound in whatever sphere of influence you travel in. The world is waiting for
you to show up. And remember: you are LOVED. Bye bye!