Howdy! Many people consider “Steven Universe” to have multi-layered characters… Emotional complexity… And a fascinating story. But another thing it really excels in is its songs! Often being melodic, beautiful, & sometimes even being profoundly connected to the characters singing them. Rebecca Sugar’s song-work even extended to a large portion of the “Adventure Time” songs! So it’s really not that big of a surprise that “Steven Universe” would have so many good songs! So let’s check out the
“Top 10 BEST ‘Steven Universe’ Songs!” And joining me today is a friend of mine
who also reviews cartoons! Jem: Hey, Strider! Good to see you again! And I couldn’t be happier to join you for a list like this! Strider: Well, welcome back, Jem!
It’s good to see you too! Would you be keen to check out some
of the best songs of “Steven Universe”? Jem: Sure thing! Let’s go! Steven: We… Are the Crystal Gems!~♫ We’ll always save the day!~♪ And if you think we can’t…~♬ We’ll always find a way!~♪ Greg and Rose: What can I do? For. You?~~♪
[Song from Season 2 – Episode 12] What can I do that… No one else can do? Strider: Let’s start off with
one of the smoothest songs on the list! After Steven and Connie fuse together in front of Greg… Greg tells them the story of how he wanted to fuse with Steven’s mum, Rose. Hoping it would bring them closer together. Greg and Rose: What can I do? For. You?~♩ Jem: And it’s actually a fitting question for these two looking back on it. Because they really do go to some extreme lengths just to be with each other. And that really becomes more and more clear as the show progresses. And the song does have a pleasant tempo to it, Greg and Rose’s voices compliment each other pretty well… And in very few words, it gave us a glimpse as to how Rose fell for Greg. Rose: Human man~♫~You are so much fun!~♪ I hadn’t planned…~♪ On finding you quite this entertaining~♬ Strider: Amethyst and Garnet backing the two up is also really nice to see. I mean, you never see these guys just
rocking out together! Even though the Gems and Greg
clearly have a strong love for music. Jem: What’s also pretty cool is that the song ends of a long guitar solo… That not only sounds awesome, but is accompanied by a pretty artistic little scene of Pearl and Rose fusing. And even though it was out of spite on Pearl’s part… It still adds some fitting visuals to the song and is just plain cool to see. Strider: I do wonder though, how did Greg’s music career never take off from this? What? Was Fusion just a really popular trend with music videos at the time? Jem: Well, whatever the case, it doesn’t take anything away from the song itself. It’s a nice smooth little number that you’ll be bopping your head to every time you hear it. Greg and Rose: What can I do that/
No one else can do?~♬ Ruby and Sapphire: Where did we go?~♩
[Song from Season 2 – Episode 22] What did we do?~♪ I think we made something/ Entirely new…~♪ Strider: Although I don’t find this song as aesthetically pleasing as others… I do really find it fascinating. And it’s hard not to appreciate the clear amount of heart and passion behind it. It comes after Ruby and Sapphire become fugitives– Where they accidentally fuse
to make Garnet for the 1st time. And this song is basically just them trying to figure themselves out. Ruby and Sapphire: And it wasn’t quite me. And it wasn’t quite you.~♩ I think it was someone entirely new.~♩ Strider: I personally felt this song was about a person coming to terms with their sexuality. And it seems to capture the awkwardness of trying to explore that for the first time. Or, Hell, just falling in love for the first time. Ruby and Sapphire clearly have no idea of what to make of what’s happening. And the way they sing their parts heavily implies that. And while I don’t personally think that helps a song sound better… It is still kinda cute seeing them work
off each other so well. Jem: But over-all, this is an excellent example of a song that does so much with so little. And its a hard song not to find a little bit charming. (Ruby and Sapphire humming as they fuse in relaxation.) Pearl: And I know that we can be strong!~♫
[Song from Season 1- Episode 20] In the real way!~♬ Strider: This song has always felt
kind of inspirational to me. Probably partly because this song is
all about inspiration! Jem: When Steven witnesses Garnet and Amethyst fuse into Sugilite… It makes him wanna become super strong like her. And he talks Lars, Sadie, and Greg
into working out with him… In hopes of accomplishing that. And this leads Pearl into singing this song about how she wants Steven to be inspired by her. Strider: The music itself is really well-choreographed. It’s got the shows iconical softness to it… But at the same time, it still feels like somthing that could pump someone up. Hearing it does make me feel inspired. Even had it in my workout list at one point. Jem: And I like that Pearl isn’t doing this just because she’s jealous. Pearl: I’m telling you for your own good! And not because I’m…♩ Jem: Okay, well… Maybe she’s a little jealous. But it’s more that Pearl is confident in what she can inspire him to do. Sugilite, although strong, is also a show-off & unstable. So being inspired by her cannot be good for… Well, *anyone*! Strider: On the other hand, Pearl.. Well, she was inspired by Rose. So of course she’d want to return the favor to him. And here, what does inspire Steven isn’t anything Pearl learned from Rose. What inspires him is Pearls determination to inspire. At first, he uses her advice in a way it obviously wasn’t intended for.. Though it is still understandably effective. Steven and Pearl: And I want to inspired you!~♫♫ I want to be your rock and when I talk, it lights a fire in you!~♫ Jem: Actually, this episode does a good job distinguisihing the different kinds of strong. Steven wants to be strong in the literal way, but… Sometimes that’s just not what you need to do to improve yourself. And that’s Pearl’s whole point here. That you can be strong in different ways that are a lot more fitting to you than just being physically strong. And it’s nice to see the show discuss that, because I don’t think most kids initially understand the difference. Strider: Yeah, I certainly didn’t get the difference when I was a kid. And it’s a great message to send in a catchy + well-written song! Pearl and Steven: …rock! And when I talk it lights a fire in you!~♫ [The next song is from Season 1 – Episode 30] Steven: Why don’t you just let your self
be wherever you are?~~♫♫ Jem: While “Steven Universe” has had its share of good, upbeat songs… Very few were ever as soothing and pleasant as “Be Wherever You Are.” I can totally see myself relaxing in a hammock listening to this. After getting stranded on an island
trying to give Sadie and Lars a vacation… Steven sings the song after seeing the two start enjoying themselves! And though I’m not the *biggest* fan of this episode… This is by far the biggest redeeming quality it has. The scenes with Lars and Sadie are nice, and compliment the tone of the song well… Though sometimes, the scenes don’t always match up with the words. Steven: Look at your face~e~e~es!~♫ They’re shining like 1000 shining stars!~♫ Jem: Yeah.. That’s..
Exactly what I was just thinking… But the underlying message of just being comfortable with yourself.. That really shines throughout this song! Strider: I personally get this feeling of just generaly enjoyment of the surroundings and serentity. Even though the three are sort of stuck in another environment. There’s a lot on this island for them to enjoy, and they can just try and chill a bit like they originally intended. They’re not looking at the bleakness of the situation since, as of right now, it’s out of their control. And personally, that’s a message that deeply connects with me. Because, for me anyway, I find it very easy to stress on things that are out of my control. This song just reminds a person not to worry if theyre’s nothing they can do. Then if you’ve done all you can, just try and enjoy the moment as best you can. Steven: I’ve never seen you look like this before…~♪ Isn’t it nice. To find yourself somewhere different. Oo-woa-oh!~♪♪ Jem: Honestly, in any other episode, I think this song would’ve excelled a lot more than it did. Because a lot of things this episode does do kind of undercut its message. But at least it’s easy to single this song out and enjoy it in spite of that. I guess sometimes stars just shine brighter when the night is darker. Steven: Why don’t you let yourself just be somewhere different? Oo-woa-oh!~♪ Pearl: Remember! You’d do it for hi~im. And you would do it again~n!~♪
[Song from Season 2 – Episode 6] You’ll do it for Her/ That is to say you’ll to it for him.~♪ Jem: This song is a nice blend of gentile and intense. As well as, in my opinion, one of the more complex ones from the show! Strider: Connie wants Pearl to train her in swordfighting, + gives a speech about wanting to be an asset to Steven. This persuades Pearl to train her. And this song serves as a montage of that. As well as serving to give us
a deeper look into Pearl’s character. Pearl: Deep down…~♫ You know..!~♫ You weren’t built for fighting. But that doesn’t mean you’re not pre~pared to Try!~♫ Beat wise, it sounds like this
will be very slow and peaceful. And it is! But lyric wise, it’s actually pretty heavy. As Pearl is training Connie more on how to sacrifice her life for Steven… As opposed to just being able to protect him. But this kind of makes sense to me because… Pearl doesn’t have the same fragility or transience a human has to deal with. Jem: Hey! You wanna know a fun fact about this song? Rebecca Sugar actually learned actual fencing steps and she worked them into this! Pearl: Keep your.. Stance wide.~ Keep your body lowered~♫ As you’re moving forward ba~lance is the key!~♬ Jem: It actually doesn’t surprised me she did that because… She said this was some of the most fun she ever had working on a song! And that shows with just how
metaphorically poetic it is. Strider: Huh, is that so? It actually doesn’t surprise me that much she’d take those… Extra steps to ensure more authenticity in her show! Speaking of that, I really like how the show’s fencing steps are worked in. And how they’re used to tell Pearl’s backstory. Because Pearl is certainly one of the most complex characters in the show! And her life, the further we see it, show why she takes things as seriously as she does, Jem: And in this case, Pearl takes this training seriously because of her love for Rose. And that’s what she uses to fight. Her passion! So naturally, she tries to instill the same the same passion she had for Rose, into Connie with Steven. And the song gives you a good view of that with some really powerful lines Pearl: And you have nothing but the way you feel, your strategy, and a sword!~♬ You just think of the life you’ll have. To~geth~er after the wa~ar!~♫ Jem: Man, that’s heavy. Strider: The song also deserves credit for making me laugh at some points. I mean, Steven’s reaction to some of the stuff Pearl is saying is just classic! And it’s not often I see songs write strongly written words and comedic visuals. Over all, “Do It For Her” invokes a cocktail of emotions. And is an amazing experience of a song. Pearl: You do it for Her~~♪ And not you say—♩ Connie: I’ll do it for him.~♪ Lapis: May~be I’ll find myself sitting on that distant shore~~♪ Maybe~ I’m not.. A~lo~one…
[Song from Season 5 – Episode 17] Jem: This show, in my opinion, had a way with writing its Gem characters. I mean, the Crystal Gems are obviously the show’s biggest assets… But most of its other gems are pretty well-written relatable characters too! Like Lapis,
who’s had a pretty rough time throughout the series. Being in prison countless times, having to stay fused to Jasper at the bottom of the ocean… *Constantly* being caught in wars she never wants to be a part of… Yet I would say THIS is her most vulnerable moment! It takes place after Steven finds Lapis on the moon, where she fled to in fear of the Diamonds finding them. And the song focuses around her regretting leaving them behind and how lonely she feels without them. But at the same time, how scared she is of going back. The music also feels like the theme song of emotional conflict. It’s very gentle and soothing, yet there’s a hint of despair to it. And there’s obvious pain in Lapis’ voice. And lyric-wise, they really do try to illustrate Lapis’ confliction. Lapis: And there’s some~thing re-sid-ing…~♫ A Ter~ror deep in-side me…~♫ Strider: An interesting part about this song… Is it’s triggered by Steven trying to make Lapis look on the bright side of things. And this song kind of reveals that she did. There are a lot of things on Earth she loves and appreciates. But she was so afraid of being hurt again and losing all of that, that she fled. And although I have very mixed feelings on Lapis’ raponses to some situations… And her general treatment of others… I can at least empathize with where she’s coming from. Considering what she’s been through. Lapis: Shadows of my fear invading/♩
Have/ I/ Seen/ This/ All/ Be~fore?~♪ I~ KNOW– Strider: And I do think it’s a challenge many people can relate to. Being afraid to confront the unknown, after being hurt so many times before. It’s a very relatable feeling. Yet this is one of the few songs I’ve come across in a show that I actually think captures that feeling. Lapis is a character that can be a sobering reminder of the very harsh lesson
that you can’t necessarily save everyone. Even when they’re right there in front of you. Ana Spanikopita: There are going to be times where you see someone in trouble… You’re going to want to rush in there and do whatever you can to save them. But *you* have to stop yourself. Because there are some people you can’t save. Strider: This song reveals a lot of insight into Lapis. And it’s a powerful, quiet, yet timeless moment in the series. Lapis: Maybe I find myself smiling on that distant shore~~♫ Maybe I’m not… (Held note)
Alone…~♬ Mr. Universe: But the moment that I hit the stage…~♬
[Song from Season 1 – Episode 48] Thousands of voices are calling my name!~♪ And I know in my heart it’s been worth it all of the while!~♫ Strider: I just dig this song! “Comet” is a song that just feels so triumphant. Jem: When Steven finds out about Greg’s old manager Marty… Greg tells the story of how Marty was partially responsible for Greg meeting Rose. And MAN, this song starts that story off on a very good note! Strider: It’s all about Greg’s big ambitions and how he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of his dreams– Because he believes in himself. And at the end of the day, that’s all he needs. Mr. Universe: This life I chose isn’t easy but is sure one heck of a ride!~~♬♬ Strider: I’ve gotta give credit to Tom Scharling too. There’s so much heart and passion behind his voice! And it elevates the song to an entirely new level! Jem: I also think it’s pretty ingenious that Rose’s 1st impression of Greg is him singing a heartfelt song… That’s got a bunch of Space references! I mean, I couldn’t imagine a more fitting way for these two to meet. Strider: Also, it really says something about Greg that he would give his all for something like that. When there’s only *one* person in attendance! Hell, getting Fusion on camera and not getting famous is one thing… But how can no one be listening to this song but Rose!? To me, that’s even more unbelievable! Jem: And visually, I like that the song takes place in Greg’s fantasy world! He’s just on top of the world and so full of desire that.. It’s actually kinda charming! And when it suddenly cuts to a kind of.. Sad reality at the end… I mean, that really resonated with me! I think we’ve all had fantasies of ourselves singing our favorite songs, but… Usually, once the song’s over, you immediately go back to reality. And this song, in my opinion, captures that feeling perfectly. Strider: It surprises me how “Comet” doesn’t get held to the same standards as some of these other songs. It’s a song that just sums up *everything* this show does right! And it shows just how strong the talent is behind this show. Jem: Over-all, this is one of the show’s *best* over-all songs. It’s lyrics are well written,
the music is nothing short of excellent… And it is a song that is a good reminder of keeping your eyes on your goals. Because even if they don’t work out… Something really amazing might still come out of it! Mr. Universe: I’m just a comet…~~~♬ Garnet: This is Garnet, back together!~♩
[Song from Season 1 – Episode 52] And I’m never goin’ down at the hands of the likes of you!~♩ Because I’m so much better!~♩ Strider: The reveal that Garnet was a fusion was a big surprise for many people. But the way this song follows it up made it even more epic! Not to mention, it cemented
Garnet as a really lovely couple! After the Gems get captured, and Garnet gets poofed, Steven finds both Ruby and Sapphire, and frees them. And once they fuse back to Garnet, they go to hold off Jasper while Steven frees the rest of the Crystal Gems. And sings a song while fighting, expressing how unbeatable Garnet is, because.. Well… Garnet: I a~am ma~ade.. O-o-o-o-of.. Lo-o-o-o-ove!~♬ Jem: I don’t think any further explanation is needed as to what this song is about. Its beat is triumphant, Garnet’s singing is both soft and determined… And the fight with Jasper adds a lot of kick to it.
Same as how the focus is on how strong love can be… When you find a person who perfectly complents you. In fact, the lyrics in this song are just.. *Spectacular!* They encompass these two characters
in such a nice way! Garnet: I am their fury, I am their pantience… Jem: Yet, based on what we saw before, that is the perfect description of them. Ruby was angry and aggressive due to the situation they were in… Whereas Sapphire tried to keep herself calm by singing. That’s the Yin and Yang of these two
summed up in only a few words. But the song’s not all Garnet talking herself up, she also throws in some pretty sick burns on Jasper. Garnet: I can see you hate the way we inter-mingle!~♬
But I think you’re just mad cuz you’re single!~♬ Meme: Daaayuuuum! Strider: And combined with the visuals, I call this one of the funnier moments from the show as well. Over all, “Stronger Than You” is a powerhouse
of a single! And a great moment in the show! Garnet: And I’m stronger than you!~~♫ Pearl: It’s over, isn’t it? Why can’t I move on?~♫
[Song from Season 3 – Episode 8] Jem: So I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’ve tried to limit this list to only include one song per episode. And this episode is the reason for that. If not, there’s be three songs from here that’d be on this list. We’ve have “Mr. Greg” which is unbelievably catchy… “Both of You,” which is slow and beautiful… And of course, “It’s Over, Isn’t It?” which is very powerful. Also, “Don’t Cause Nothing” would have got heavy consideration. Strider: Just from this video alone, you can probably tell.. Pearl and Greg aren’t exactly the best of friends. You can also tell Pearl idolizes Rose, and remains heavily in love with her! But this song combines these two story elements! Which can give the viewer a deeper understanding of how Greg’s relationship with Rose affected Pearl. Jem: It takes us on a journey through their relationship and lets us see why Pearl can’t bring herself to like Greg. And.. In a beautifully written way… There’s not one second where Pearl blames him. In fact, it feels more like she’s blaming herself! Pearl: Petty and dull with the nerve to doubt her/
What does it matter? It’s already done!~♬ Now I’ve got to be there* for her son.~♬ Jem: When she knows it’s not Greg’s fault, but… It doesn’t matter. She still has resentment for him. And that’s *exactly* how anyone else would be! Strider: I agree. This song is not about painting this
as a black and white issue. Sometimes, people are going to resent others for something that isn’t necessarily their fault. And I like that this song acknowledges that in such a straightforward way. Jem: This song’s purpose is to throw Pearl’s feelings all out on the line. It’s to see a side of Pearl
that we got snippets of here and there… And by the end,
it’s almost impossible not to see her in a different light. Pearl: Who she’d choose… After all those years, I never thought I’d lose..~♩ Strider: Interestingly, “Stronger Than You” discusses the pros of love, where this song discusses the cons of love. And it feels like a pretty remarkable 1-2 punch
if you ask me. It doesn’t surprise me these two songs are considered among the *best* “Steven Universe” songs. But for us, there was one song we felt could be held
in slightly higher regard. Pearl: You WON! And she chose you! And she loved you and she’s goooone!~♬ It’s over, isn’t it?/♩ Why can’t I move on?~♫ Garnet: Here comes a thought. [This song is from Season 4 – Episode 4] Garnet: Take a moment to think of ju~ust…
Flexibility, love and trust~♫ Garnet: Take a moment to think of ju~ust…
Flexibility, love and trust~♫ Strider: For me anyway, this just has to be number 1. While all these songs have their niches
that make them stand out… *This* was the one that’s message connects with me the most of all! And there’s this deep serenity to this song
that hits me hard every time I hear it. Jem: After Connie accidentally hurts a classmate and becomes filled with regret over it… She starts ruminating on her thoughts and this keeps her and Steven from being able to hold their fusion. So Garnet sings them this song
to teach them how to let their thoughts pass. Garnet: Take a moment to remind yourself to~
Take a moment and find yourself~♫ Take a moment to ask yourself if..
This is how we fall apart~♩ Strider: The visuals of this song, especially,
are really powerful. I like that it uses butterflies as the representation of negative thoughts. I felt it painted a good picture of how ruminating thoughts could be handled– In a way that’s easy for the audience to handle. It also allows the staff to be much more free
with their animation. And when it starts picking up speed… It’s a really good visual representation
of how anxiety can creep up on people. Connie: Some-thing I di~id…♫ Failed to be charming…~♫ Things that I.. said~♫ Are.. suddenly swarming!~♫ And O~o~oh!♫ Jem: Honestly, the thing I think this song delivers best
is its message. I mean, it’s human nature to stress about something & obsess over it… To the point it becomes scarier in our minds
than it really is. Strider: I think this song meant a lot to bother of us. In fact, I think we both interpreted this song’s message quite differently. And I’d like to hear what that message
personally meant to you Jem. Jem: Well I felt this episode’s message is to just to take a moment and realize– That we’re not defined by our most recent regrets. Most of the mistakes we make
don’t even have to affect our lives. Some can be resolved pretty easily through apologies, and they can easily be turned into positive experiences. It’s all about being willing to embracing ourselves
and being willing to learn. And that seems like very helpful advice to give your audience. But how did you interpret the message, Strider? Strider: Well, the song reminded me of what I learned in acceptance commitment therapy in psychology… And what I’ve personally found in meditation. But running from a though, regardless how scary,
can often give it more teeth! And make it more powerful. As Connie says later to Steven. Connie: It’s okay! Steven: No! It’s not! Connie: But it’s okay to think about it! Strider: But once Steven faces his thought, and takes on the fearful emotional response it brings… It starts to lose its teeth. The only other time I’ve ever seen this message taught is in one of the favorite cartoons of all time. “Legend of Korra” In season 4, Zaheer teaches Korra how to allow the emotions of her near death experience. Zaheer: Let it play out. Korra: I can’t! Zaheer: You can! Accept what happened to you,
don’t fear what might have been. Strider: While sometimes, it can be helpful to intercept our thoughts and analyze them… There are other times where the best response is to allow the thought accept the emotions it brings… And allow them to pass. Jem: Y’know, it’s interesting how the song can be profoundly meaningful to the both of us… Yet our interpretations are pretty different. Garnet: Here comes a thought~♫ That might alarm you~♫ Jem: There is a profound gentleness to this song that almost sweeps me off my feet whenever I hear it. It’s a song I personally can’t hear
without feeling a little emotion. And I think it’s because it captures that sense of hopelessness and terror… While also being reassuring and soothing to it. Jem: All the visuals we see
compliment the melody and tone so well.. And the capture Connie’s rumination on her past errors and self-punisment. Strider: Even the title, “Here Comes a Thought,” made more sense when I realized what the song was about. Whether a person is ruminating on trauma, black thoughts, or simply a mistake from the past like Connie. Teaching a person about accepting some thoughts, and allowing the emotions those thoughts bring… Is incredibly valuable! I can hear the song three years later, and still feel just as swept away by its melody, gentleness, and message! Like it was the first time I was hearing it. What do you think? Do you agree with this one, Jem? Jem: I can agree with you on this one, Strider. I personally feel “Here Comes a Thought” is the number one *BEST* “Steven Universe” song. Stevonnie: That a moment and think of just~/♫
Flexibility, love and trust~♫ Strider: While “Steven Universe” is a show that can have mixed reactions with some people… I think it is very hard to refute there is important artistic value to these songs. Being able to reach an audience through song alone can make a message much more profound and memorable. Commercials know this, and [the creators of “Steven Universe”] know this. Some of these songs are, in my opinion, can be remembered by audiences for years to come. And honestly, sometimes I just appreciate some pleasant tunes to hum in my head– That make me feel a little bit calmer. By the way, thanks very much for your help on this, Jem. It’s always a pleasure to have your assistance. Jem: Any time, Strider! Thanks for having me! And until we meet again, I’ll see you when I see you. Strider: Well, I’m looking forward to it. And as always, thank you for watching!
And I’ll see you next time! [Subtitled by (someone who can never see this show the same after the movie) Jadrek Myers. Fun facts to come.
Commissioned by Phantom Strider, himself.] [Fun fact: While many people know the term Cyclops for Sapphire having one eye, and some know Garnet as a triclops for her three eyes, the Gems appearing with 4, 5, and 6 eyes are, in order, a Quadroclops (Rainbow Quartz), a Quintupclops (Sugilite), and a Sextupclops (Flourite).]