I Am Bobby crispy this video is part of a guitar lesson series so today, I’ll show how to play the theme from titanic as a rock guitar Solo, so [I’ll] play it first and show how it’s played note for note using tabs Okay, so I’ll play it first it goes Okay, I’ve broken it down into sections. I’ll play each section first and show us played with the tabs here So first part is this Okay, that’s all underneath third string slide up to the 7th fret 9th end up the ninth fret in the night again Ix pull off the seventh Back to the night. There’s a 14th fret slide up Okay, next part is this so third string 9th fret bend up back down [seven] fourth string 9th fifth string slide up the 10th fret fourth string 9th This is just the first part over again. So you just play it twice vaccine is the first [part] and this Just second string 7th 10th tenth end up 10th fret like regular seventh fret Hammer on to the 10th blah and the seventh Third string night Expert is this okay, you can slide up if some the second string slide up to the [twelfth] or [you] can play it like this with the raking Okay, so second string 12 the [fourteenth] Bend up on the 14th Play a Regular 14th, right? 10th 3rd string 11th, red [expert] this [hey] Third string 12 [per] few strings the 12th fret just rake it so third string 12 14th Bend up on the 14th Regular 14th Down to the ninth and up a regular night Next part is this Yeah, that’s all our third string seventh hammer ons ninth pull off seventh night Bend up on the knights regular night so then to the second fret bend up second We’re still hard to bend up just play the fourth fret second instead of bending up an expert is this Same thing as before um Third string ninth Favorite strings in the night just break it You want Em? At the seventh fret third string third string ninth Second string seventh and run to the eighth pull off the south third-string nights seven nights end up regular night seventh fret and up something where the shelf Okay, that’s a lesson And don’t forget check out my guitar lesson website 450 videos with Tabs [Bob’s] guitar lessons your [site.com] Okay I hope Austin has been helpful and thanks for watching