“Hello!” “That’s exactly what I said… on the inside of my head. When I went upstairs, to my room, to my bed. I sat there a moment, which is shorter than a while … Then I flopped down on the covers with an ear-to-ear smile. Did I think I thought something I thought that I ought? Or did I think I thought something I rather should not? Possibilities endless, complexities abound Confounding thoughts that expound and astound I’ve found my mind wandering is a hellscape inbound But you won’t stifle my mind before you’ve heard me think aloud Quite boorish, ear-splittingly, resonantly resounding Tawdrily, theatrically, uproariously daunting What are these thoughts? … So cantankerously vulgar Let me think … I’m thinking … I need a minute to mull it over Still sprawled out on my bed, staring at the wall, I think I’ve thought… [Chuckles] Nevermind … It’s nothing at all.”