[HILLARY] We’re just days into a new decade
and it’s a great time to look back at the top lyrics for the last 10 years. Genius style. We begin in 2009 with JAY Z & Alicia Keys’
hometown hit, “Empire State of Mind,” where he flexes the discount he enjoyed while
hustling out of 560 State Street in Brooklyn. Here, Hov flips Jeezy’s hook from the Snowman’s
2009 hit, ‘24-23.’ In an exclusive annotation, Dwayne Wade wrote. “For someone to sit down and write a classic
that is going to be a hit, and think about putting you in there as a punchline, that’s
pretty special.” For 2010, we have Lil Wayne’s “6 Foot
7 Foot.” In what was more or less a spiritual successor
to “A Milli,” the lyrically dense “6 Foot 7 Foot” was one of Wayne’s first
songs after his 2010 incarceration on Rikers Island for a gun charge. For 2011, we have Frank Ocean, Kanye West
and JAY Z on “No Church In The Wild. Here Frank Ocean interrogates God’s status
and seems to reject traditional religion on the opening of the opulent album, “Watch
The Throne.” Next we head to Compton for Kendrick Lamar’s
“m.A.A.d City” in 2012. In an exclusive annotation for Genius, Kendrick
explained why he bleeped out the name saying quote. These stories are serious and in-depth, I’m
not going to go out here and really, really slander and put my real ones out there that
have been in some real situations. Those close to me know what I’m talking
about. The following year, there were the bars heard
round the world, thanks to Kendrick Lamar on Big Sean’s “Control” in 2013. KENDRICK: These is cats that I feel inspire
the game. // If they’re competitives and they respect
the culture of hip hop I don’t feel like it should be any type of feel ill feel they
should have towards me. [HILLARY] These lyrics prompted responses
from all over the rap game – and some may still be a little touchy about it. [BIG SEAN] How long ago was that? What year is this? You right, you right. And I still don’t feel like I got washed
anyway, nigga. [HILLARY] For 2014 we head to Forest Hills
Drive where J. Cole references the 90s sitcom ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.’ [HILLARY] In one of the show’s most powerful
scenes Uncle Phil, played by the late James Avery, consoles Will Smith after his estranged
father walks out on him for the second time. [WILL]: How come he don’t want me man? [HILLARY] Up next, your favorite WHAT DID
HE SAY? lyric from 2015, Desiigner’s “Panda.” A breakaway single for the Brooklyn rapper,
“Panda,” hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in April 2016. [DESIIGNER] Y’all was acting like you ain’t
know what I was saying, so I’m a tell you what I’m saying, real slow and real simple. [HILLARY] Up next for 2016, we head to Barbados. [HILLARY] Here Rihanna gets sultry in patois,
a regional dialect from the Caribbean, which made her lyrics fly over the heads of many
but the groove was undeniable. A Philadelphia rapper ruled 2017 with an anthem
that was two-fold. “XO Tour Llif3” catapulted Lil Uzi Vert
into the mainstream. The song is about Vert’s turbulent relationship
with his ex-girlfriend, Brittany Byrd. The chorus confused many but the song’s
producer, TM88 broke down its meaning. TM88: Everybody else say it make em feel like
they friends are dead but I know the concept //cut to//
Then it was like nah bro I think he talking about dead presidents, know what i’m saying? [HILLARY] For 2018, we have Drake’s omnipresent “In
My Feelings.” Buoyed by a viral dance challenge and an infectious
New Orleans Bounce beat, Drake’s “In My Feelings” reigned atop the Billboard Hot
100 for 10 weeks, and together with his other number one’s “God’s Plan” and “Nice
For What,” he eclipsed Usher for most time spent at number 1 by any artist in history. As for Kiki, Genius identified her as model
K’yanna Barber in July 2018. And for 2019 we have Billie Eilish’s “bury
a friend.” “bury a friend” was written by Billie
and her brother Finneas. The song is from the perspective of a monster
underneath her bed, a nod to her struggles with sleep paralysis and night terrors. BILLIE: Since I was little I always have dreams
every single night // a lot of times what’s happened is like I’ll have a dream about
whatever and it’ll happen the next day. [HILLARY] What did we miss? Let us know in the comments. I’m Hillary with Genius News, bringing you
the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.