my name is Dotan and I travel around the
world with my piano I meet really cool people, go on amazing
adventures and play in some of the most extraordinary places. this is piano around the world we are headed to the love festival we’re at the festival of love. You’d only be here if you have some love in your heart, you got flirt, erotic love, you just gotta love. we’re taking a little stroll. The rain has stopped, thank God. – A lot of neon colors are over here. people like making out everywhere, there’s all kind of love over here. that’s pretty epic what kind of music do you play? any music, old school, new school, entertain, Ray Charles, powerful stuff (woman singing) I’m just starting music. oh, cool! what did you do before? worked on a coffee shop.. No, I studied web design but I never finished and I just came to London came homeless and somebody gave me a guide to the streets and I started from there. really? wooow! how long have you
been busking around London 4-5 years, since I came homeless I started busking I was not such a big person or a big musician so I had to have a job or something apart music, but after three years I said no and I started to come here great it gives me more time to actually study music where have you found the best place here in London? – here right here you have security constantly, you have rules, I signed a contract for a year he’s actually a musician himself I play piano – really, did you study? I’m trying to get to Berklee but I never studied music so that’s going to be tough I’m trying to make a course online I think if you tell a good story, like you just said it you think so? – yeah! great! well, we’re gonna grab a bite
and we’ll come around to see you thank you. – it’s been a pleasure – me too.- thank you and I hope to listen to you singing. – yeah, take care. so, after we left her base string broke, she was just using one string in that last song.