I’m not distracted I listen to myself if
you trust your inner sense of sound he creates something that’s truer
it’s like communicating from the heart losing my hearing was a gift from God let me start a scene for you you make it
away into the dark basement you can almost taste the death don’t you vested
wealth in the air a short distance ed or pardon corpse looks him in the eye pretty spooky right that’s with the
music from Resident Evil let’s try it again but with the DualShock versions
music you make your way into the dark basement you can almost taste the doubt
Moochie faster walls in there a short distance ed our pardon corpse
looks in the this piece of music has become a joke
while it may sound like Richard Benson on the Casio keyboard it’s actually by
Mamoru samara goichi a deaf japanese composer who sometimes called the
digital beethoven deaf man who can compose let’s take a look face in 1996 Capcom released her survival
horror game Resident Evil but I grew up with these games and they mean a lot to
me so stick around to the end for another guitar video the original
Resident Evil is horror masterpiece it’s the Night of the Living Dead for
videogames it’s old it’s been done better since but it’s still massively
respected in 1997 came Resident Evil director’s cut this release was to
compensate players due to the delay of re to a feature various gameplay
additions and a demo Ferrari to nexif was the DualShock version at least in
1998 this release added support for the Dual Shock controllers analog sticks and
vibration function at this point the game was old
Capcom opted for a new soundtrack to keep things fresh the new symphonic
soundtrack was closer in toward the classic black and white horror movies it
was composed by Mamoru samara goichi samara coach she was not becoming
composer at the time having just finished scoring the TV movie cosmos
which separated him from others in the scene is that he was deaf
similar to Beethoven it acquired absolute pitch before his deafness
struck absolute pitch is a skill to identify
any music note instantly with no reference this meant the Beethoven and
Sandburg ochi even while deaf could compose piece of music in their head
write it down and give it someone to have performed the performed piece would
be identical to what was originally in their head this ability is extremely
rare researchers claim the absolute pitch is
only present for one in every 10,000 people Samuragochi’s parents were both
survivors of the Hiroshima atomic bomb at age 5 he was already composing music
at age 10 play Mozart and Bach pieces note for note on piano
clearly he was exceptionally talented sadly at age 24
he discovered a hearing disability time was not on his side in the 30s he lost most of his urine and
shortly after he was essentially death despite this samurai goichi persevered
with his passion you’ll go on to compose music for the
only Musha game a personal favorite of mine you would also compose Symphony
nonverbal Yura Shima the piece about the Hiroshima bomb something he connected
with personally due to his parents his perseverance and determination to
overcome any barriers resulted in Fame samara coaches nikon in japan a hero
perhaps a living metaphor of a post-world War two Japan newest subject an hour-long TV
documentary melody of the sole composer losses hurry this was heard on public TV by NHK in
one part of the documentary he would meet with survivors for the Great East
Japan Earthquake one heartbreaking moment this story was
during an interview with a journalist samer ago she said the saddest thing for
him is that he’ll never build her his own music he then took out his mini disc
player turned the volume of the max and his eyes filled with tears he couldn’t
hear his own music the only signature was a vague drumbeat you things were soon going to change for
Samara goichi suspicions would first rise during an interview for era
magazine in June 2013 in this interview the journalists had noticed how his
stories had developed inconsistencies over time samurai Kochi also seems to
answer questions before the sign language translator had finished perhaps
the most Larry’s example given was on the doorbell rang samurai Kochi stood up
to answer the door era magazine decided not to publish the
interview dude concerns over the composer’s honesty on top of this were
accusations of plagiarism people started to notice his symphony sounded like
obscure works from romantic year a composer Gustav Mahler revelations would be unveiled February 5
2014 Japanese daytime TV was interrupted for
a press conference Takashi Miike Aki music teacher from Tokyo revealed that
he was actually the one who composed all of samurai cochise music dropping a bomb
of his own he claimed the samurai goichi was neither death nor a composer he got
you told of how samurai code she would have normal conversations with him and
even critique his music and no point did he appear death or to have curing issues yaki also claimed the samurai code she
was unable to read or write music yaki told that any time he tried to back
out of the arrangement samurai goats you were threatened suicide new jockey was
unable to continue the arrangement juda feelings of guilt was Japanese Olympic
figure skater hey Sookie Takahashi is skating to one
composition it seems our goal should fake deafness
to build a mystique around his image over the years he paid me kaki
approximately seven million yen for over 20 pieces of music samer ago she apologized for betraying
his fans he said there was no excuse for his actions Columbia Records Japan would release
estate it would cease all sales and shipments of his records his contract
was terminated newest dropped from the label samurai code she claimed you it’s Yuna
gawky for defamation nothing ever came of this Samara Kochi went into hiding he now lives in a small apartment with
his wife and their pet cat thanks for watching if you enjoyed this
video please let me know you can also subscribe to my channel thank you you you