Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this video is where my guitar lesson series so today? I’m going to show how to play 10 easy beatles logs [okay], so here. They are First time [to] hey jude the [hard] day’s night. Let it be revolution Get back And I love her love be [Due] Twisted shout a ballad up jump yoko and if I did to someone It’s pretty much the same thing [start] with number one. Hey jude It starts off f 4 beats C 4 beats See seven four beats after [Ford’s] [be] flat for [each] F-for beats See four beats f for weeks That repeats a couple times roper play first Steph Seven four beats [be] flat Beefed up today [just] [lift] your finger like that two beats G wider two beats gee what are seven to beat? See, [then]. [II] just play the top string with it open to means then arrive there C4 to these a few beads F72 beats Okay third repeats and then and then part of seven four beats See four beats C74 Number two [our] day’s date starts off the gsS for [record] As a regular g for the second string [first] fret played with it so pay first Okay, so that’s the jesus for the G – [beets] C9 – beets All it is is take the g Move it up two strings So a 5th string 3rd fret [4th] string [2nd] fret and the bottom two strings [third] fret energy four beats F-for each gee That repeats place the next part is this See four beats D for Beach g2E C9 say it was before two beats? then G24 beats damn, Little bridge plate first you you So that’s [B-Minor] four beats [Eli] nur [4] Beats the be water [eight] beats [gee] 4 Beats a minor for each See for weeks D for me Okay, number [three] let it be I’ll play it first. It’s really really two parts to song anyway See two beats Jeetu Beats Okay, my work to these I’m sure sorry F2 ease See two beats gee two beats After each see to it [slow] there are Pete’s [Copeland’s] then next part play first A Minor [-] [Eats] Jeju Beats as two beats See four beats G to eat have to eat see two beats Okay number four revolution okay be for ten beats [E] great beats [5b] for 18 beats or four measures with two additional beats What what for one? [2e] creepies f sharp [3] beats next part of play Casey shirt Liner four beats after four beats See shit liar for me soon A b g Sharp four beats f sharp four beats next part Okay, so be four beats e Four beats that repeats three times [B] be Sure seven four beats another four beats number five get back So this is the intro so it’s a for each three times four beats four beats for me a fruity bees G dee Diverse [let’s] all play first A 4/4 beat a seven for four beats D for four weeks even for me Do that twice? Then it’s a seven for four beats twice of a seven for eight beats then t [four] Beats Me for two [weeks] the g Number six, and I love her okay? [so] it’s [I’ll] play first Just have sharp minor four beats C-Sharp Minor’ for meet soon you do it three [times] a for four weeks P7 [4] beats and he for for each another for me the next part you you [so] C-Sharp Minor four beats be four beats then C-Sharp minor for meats G sharp Minor four beats Do that again see short minor? You hear about? Be seven four beats another four beats Okay, number seven Eleven video. I’ll play that first Okay, so G7 four beats See for [eatin] You do that three times G7? see Jisu see See for four beats another four beats next part So d four beats then another four beats? See four beats chief for easy Do that again, okay number eight twist and shout? Okay, the intro at play it first Okay fifth string open second fourth fourth string open place top string Third fret [voice] Fist Ringel there three more times So once again slowly Okay, next part is this So it’s d 2 beats G 2 beats a four beats repeat that several times that it’s a than a it’s four sets of four measures keep singing higher and higher Okay, and yet, it is this Fits ourselves a core [be] flat then be You keep ascending up and up so see C-Sharp D just the send one fellow time 39? Let’s do a complicated display D7. So it’s up one photo at a time start for me Next the ballad of your john, yoho Okay, so it’s e for four measures The Yi7 for four measures That a for two measures the [E2] measures V7 [-] measures efore tomatoes that repeats [sometimes] okay, then the bridge is a two measures then six sets of two measures [three] [four] on a nod up to six Then b is 7 for two measures [pause] Okay, finally number [ten] if I needed someone [like] a plate first That’s eight seven four four measures then a g with an a for two measures Okay, so that’s like a regular g. But you’re playing the fifth string open two measures and a so two measures you do all that twice, and then it’s A [miner] for [one] measure – sharp [severed] After so it again then p wire a minor f sharp [seven] and b minor then an e7 Okay, that’s a lesson. I hope you have found helpful and thanks for watching