This is the ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Kage Nothin’ could stop him when Jables and Kage hit the stage And Hollywood Jack hit the big time and went to make movies Rage Kage was left far behind in the dust of his dreams And he grumbled and growled and watched Hollywood Jack on Jay Leno He bellowed and said he’d be nothing without help from Kage He burned up the photos of Jables and Kage doin’ mushrooms Fuck him! I don’t need no Hollywood Jack, anyway So Hollywood Jack lived up high on a hill in a bubble And Rage Kage lived deep in the broiling valley below Yes the Rage Kage bubbled with rage
He looked at the ground and he looked on the stage The lava was flowin’ and broilin’ inside the old Kage As Hollywood Jack climbed the ladder of stardom before him He watched as his indie credentials flew right out the door He’d make millions and then he’d go out and make even more millions He’d screen KG’s calls and snort coke off the ass of a whore No one respected him, they just rejected him
No one would represent Kage Left on the streets of his dreams he would cry
And he’d rage, for the stage Then Hollywood Jack got a message that Kage was in trouble They sent Kage away cause he had gone completely insane So Hollywood Jack jumped upon a jet plane And flew all that night through the rain To be with his friend, to see what remained of his brain Then Hollywood Jack told the doctors, “You’ve got to retrieve him You’ve got the technology, use the techniques of your trade” He grabbed the lapels and he screamed, “By God, you must save him! Because Rage Kage and I, can’t you see that we’re one in the same?” Rage Kage
Oh, Rage Kage There be magic inside that old name And you know
That you know When you’re going completely insane Ah, the Rage Kage
Ah, the Rage Kage Oh, the lion will roar once again And you know
Yes, you know When you’re going completely insane Nothing and no one could harm the old Rage Kage again Hollywood Jack and Rage Kage will ride once again