Ok I need my Bride… to come sit right down in this seat a long time ago… eleven years ago to be exact Um, I was in Tiffany and Jesse’s wedding, my sister and brother-in-law, and something formed, something very special, a band that tour’s off and on, some of you might have heard of them: “Philip and The Ushers” [Crowd cheers and claps] and we didn’t think that this wedding… you know, no different. But, we wanted to do something special. We need to train the next generation of Philip and The Ushers. [Crowd cheers] So, I’m going to need some help from my nephew, Judah. [Crowd cheers and claps] So Judah has got some moves, and he’s about to show you. So this is, “Philip and The Ushers: The Next Generation.” [Crowd cheers and claps] [One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” starts to play] You show me, you show me.