My name is Romain. My stage name is Molecule and I’m a musician. His talent is being able to give a meaning, an emotion, and an energy that a machine can’t produce
in place of a human being. When he approached me
he said, “So, I want to go to Nazaré. I want to record the sound
of those big waves and I need help because I want to work with the best.” Romain wanted waves
that were over 20 meters, or even 25 meters high. He didn’t really understand
what that represented. We all have images of surf, of waves, in our head. But nothing could prepare us for what we saw. There are so many currents. The water is swirling
all around. It’s a total apocalypse. It’s the scariest place
in the World. I think I’m professional
about what I do, and I’m stressed.
It’s normal. – I assure you, me too. My stress level is way up. – I can see.
Don’t worry. It’s normal. If you’re not afraid
you’re completely nuts. But you can’t really feel it until you’re out there. He told me, “I’m going to get on the Jet Ski. I’m going as close as
possible to the waves.” That’s when I told him, “Watch out.
It’s kind of dangerous.” Things can go
bad really quickly. A three waves set on the head
they never find you again. It’s over.