they’re good people this is Ken Kunin
from on song International a few weeks ago we posted up a little contest for
songwriters and we had some fantastic entries across the board different
genres but you got to have one winner and you declared the winner in terms of
social media the winner is one miss Lydia Baek from Northern California I
believe she’s a student in university and she goes by the moniker of dear
Leary Li ry the song that she presented was called Elizabeth and what I love
about Elizabeth that song is that it has some internal hooks right from the verse
there’s a love when you have a bit of a hook that’s actually part of the verse
and then chorus comes in and just reinforces everything the the song was
lovely in its production layered really well I sort of envisioned it as a
terrific pop song that you would want to hear perhaps when you’re on the way to
the beach during a summer holiday and just an absolute ear worm that stuck
with us when we listened to it many times and we’re still listening to it so
very hearty congratulations to you Lydia and congratulations to everyone that
actually entered in fact we put together a playlist which you can see in the
description below that actually features all of you that submitted YouTube links
so the ongoing idea here is try to match creative songwriters with an audience
and so we’ll be doing these kind of events on a fairly frequent basis we’re
also going to be reviewing some albums coming out is well basically we want to
make sure that your work gets hurt and it’s all about this craft that we love
songwriting whether you’re a solo artist whether you’re in a band whether you’re
country band whether you’re rock and roll pop doesn’t matter what it comes
down to is let’s celebrate original music great songs etc if you haven’t
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please take a moment and do so it really does make a difference
we really look forward to your comments below you can catch Lydia’s song as part
of a playlet in fact there’s a couple songs that
we’re gonna attach on to that check her out and you guys keep Rocking
you keep writing we’ll talk to you real soon take care