Now listen here, you thieves! I’m going to report you straight to the Etherea Guard and they’re going to- Oh shut it you old goat! Go back inside, girl. There’s no need to hurt yourself with that knife. Put the stone down and leave. Try not to lose it again. I’m gonna give you one last chance girl. Not bad kid but I don’t have time for this! You’ve gotta be the worst Necromancer I’ve ever seen. Sorry to disappoint you but… this was just a trap! And what were you trying to catch?! Necromancers… like YOURSELF! I’m not a Necromancer you idiot! I’m hunting them! So am I! A felina? A human… that would explain the poor eyesight. Oh my eyesight is bad? You attacked me first! Only because you had all this… this stuff! What is all this?! I was hoping to draw out the Necromancers. Necromancers aren’t interested in rotten flesh… you’ll just attract the undead. I think I may have attracted both… See, my plan worked- Wait a minute… where’d you go?! Well this night’s just a ton of fun… climbing trees chased by zombies… what’s next…? Hey where’d you go- Quiet! Why’d you follow me? Other than fleeing for my life… I need your help. I can tell. Come on inside. What is all this stuff? Don’t touch anything. So… why were you after Necromancers? Ever since I survived the attack on the Basalt Mines, I’ve- Wait, so you’re the survivor from the Basalt Mines? You must be Lucan. What happened- what was their attack strategy like? Woah hey look lady I don’t know anything about attack strategies or Necromancer plots I just got forced into this… I’m not a warrior or a hero. I’m just someone trying to get by in life… and right now that means hunting Necromancers. I’m surprised the leaders of Felden finally acknowledged their existence. I’ve been after them for years. Perhaps… we could work… together? I… work better alone. You can stay the night, but tomorrow you’re on your own. Yeah… Yeah, I’m probably better off alone as well. Lucan? Where’d I put my map?! You mean… this old thing? Hey, gimme that! I told you that I’m hunting the Necromancers alone. Hunting with this bow…? Look, we both might be more of the “lone wolf” type but right now we have a common goal. We might as well use that and work together. Fine. But once we locate the Necromancer base you’re out of here. Deal Uh…? What was your name again? Niika. Don’t slow me down, Lucan. Look Senn we are approaching Oakendale. Oakendale? Where’s that? We are in Conchord the nearest kingdom to Sendaria. What are they? Those are Magnorites. Do not make eye contact, Senn. Stay close behind me. Even capital cities can be rough. We are cleared for travel to Crown Peak. Wait, so we’re traveling further? We must be at the end of the world by now! Senn, we have barely crossed a fifth of Ardonia. We have not even left the North. What is this place? Thalleous, where are we going? To the other side of the world beyond the Heart of Ardonia. Hold on, Senn. Things… might get a little bright… And… a-and loud… Oh you’ll see. Welcome to Crown Peak. Back when the Enderknights used to rule Ardonia Crown Peak was the Enderking’s seat of power. But the last king, Rendor split the world into six kingdoms after the people rebelled. Why is one flag missing? That would be K’arthen. Not so long ago, they attacked their neighboring kingdom, Cydonia and withdrew from the union. I-I can tell you all about it later- n-now keep up Senn! We are almost there. Thalleous Sendaris? Sulliman. What do you want Thalleous?! That is a conversation best held in private. Thalleous, what kind of trouble are you brewing my old friend? Well quit standing around with a dumb look on your face and come on in. The mines are running dry the undead have been increasing in numbers and there’s even word of a Necromancer group on the rise. Out of all this madness you’re worried about an army that disappeared 150 years ago? Sulliman… if you fought the Voltaris as I once did… you would know that they are more dangerous than all these other threats combined. Yeah yeah, the “Great War.” The war’s over Thalleous. Keep your nose out of trouble kid. This here is the greatest house in Crown Peak most expensive too. Frankly I deserve it, considering all I’ve had to deal with keeping my business alive. Only thing is you gotta mind the drop twenty-five meters straight down. There was a time… when Enderknights ruled the land and their dragons soared the skies. The Nether clashed in battles of unimaginable force. The undead were a menacing threat to be feared and even the Ardoni clans wielded great Songs of power. That time is over… I believe that time is coming again. I need you to safeguard… a Prime Song. Can you do that for me Sulliman? Can you safeguard this- Yes, yes! I’ve got it… Will that be all Thalleous? That will be all Sulliman. Thank you for your help. Yes, that’s what I do… I don’t trust this guy Thalleous not one bit. He may seem difficult but he is good at what he does. Nearly all his life he has run a black-market potion business without being discovered a skill which I am counting on. Come on Senn we have another long journey back home. I was about to send for a doctor. You’ve been out all day. Easy there Abbigail you’re in no condition to be moving about just yet. The dragon stone?! Those thieves made off with it. Don’t let it trouble you. You know, this is what happens when we meddle with affairs that don’t concern us. We’re farmers after all. No! W-what’d you just say?! I’m not a farmer! I’m going after that stone. If we try to alert Etherea it will be too late but Sam and I can track them while their trail is fresh. Abbigail, I forbid you to do this! I know you do and I’m sorry! Come on Sam! Abbigail!!