Gain, you are busy paying your family back, aren’t you? Yes. I am getting paid now. When I was an unknown singer, I always told my brothers that I would help them when I become successful. Miraculously, I became successful. So I am helping my brothers a little, and I gave my parents – You helped them buy… / – some money. Yes. I helped them buy a bigger place. When I asked my nieces and nephews if they are happy about moving into a bigger house, they said, “I love it, auntie. Thank you.” When Gain spends, she spends a lot. – You’ll be surprised to hear the amount. / – I see. She’s very generous. We put on two performances yesterday. In the middle of it… We put on the performances together. She asked me to go to a department store with her. I thought, “She’s on the splurging mode.” She asked me to go to a fancy department store. – You went there? / – She asked me to go with her. She bought her mom’s gift. It was her birthday. She bought a bag and… She’s great. She’s younger than me, but she’s amazing. She’s flexing. She’s been helping me a lot. – So I have to pay her back. / – Right. Gain, you are helping the economy of your town too. – A lot of people are / – Jindo. going to your hometown. There’s Song Gain Village? Yes. We have a house in the country. They put up a sign, “Song Gain Village”. There’s “Song Gain Village”. It’s got the address too. It became the tourist destination of Jindo. As many as 2,000 people visit daily. The front yard gets filled with people. My fans bought us a refrigerator and put water in them. So we give out water and drinks – For free. / – for free. Coffee too. My fans did that. Whenever people come, my dad shakes hands with them. He makes a finger heart and takes photos with them. – He’s used to it now. / – Then he gets water and drinks for them. My parents are really generous. – They let the fans come inside. / – That’s… In the house, there are a lot of photos of me from when I was young. I’m afraid that they will take photos of those. I told my dad never to let them in. Perhaps your parents show them your album. People have posted my old photos. – That should be stopped. / – I couldn’t tolerate it. – Right. / – I asked the fans – to refrain from / – Of course. – going inside the house. / – Right. A lot of people like her because her parents are nice to them. – So… / – That’s not easy to do. People started to visit my house – and tour around Jindo. / – Right. The number of tourists increased by a lot. It boosted the local economy. They buy a lot of delicacies. And they eat at a lot of local restaurants. That really boosted the local economy. The governor is very pleased. (The governor is very pleased.) He must be really happy. – He must be very happy. / – Even if you move, they won’t tear the house down. – Of course. / – It’s Song Gain Village. It should be conserved. “The birthplace of Song Gain”. The sign says Song Gain Village. “The birthplace of Song Gain”. Miae, you went to a designer brand shop – for the first time. / – Is that so? I am a housewife. I can’t spend money however I want to. After debuting through “Miss Trot”, I went to a department store with my husband. – You did. / – I went to a department store. I took a stroll relaxedly. I got a new stroller, you see. That’s why it looked nice. Your baby must love it. It feels different. It was for my last child, but I still spent on it. – Well done. / – So… Pushing the stroller, we went inside the shop. I was looking around the shop, and my husband said, “My card wallet is very worn out.” – He said that inside the shop. / – Yes. He was quiet until then. I had no intention of buying him anything. “Your card wallet is worn out?” “Fine. I will buy you a new one.” (She got him a new one.) I told him I’d buy him a new one. And I said, “Any new arrivals?” You sound very boastful. – “Any new arrivals?” / – You express your will to spend with your tone. – Right. / – “Do you have any new arrivals?” – You sound very careful. / – You think about it and turn back. That’s the impression you give. I always felt uncomfortable. I couldn’t even afford it, but once I got in, they serve me really well. – They give you water. / – They kept following me. You are grateful, but… – They explain things to you. / – It’s uncomfortable. – It can be. / – That stopped me from going. But this time, I went in confidently and asked to see the new arrivals. “Show me the new arrivals.” Your eyes are glaring. She’s giving the impression, “Show me. I’ll buy it.” – She’s ready to buy something. / – Right. She gave it to me and asked, “How would you like to pay?” “A one-off payment, please.” (A one-off payment, please.) Right. That was great. She sounded so confident. – She sounded very confident. / – It was like, “Why are you asking me that question?” – Did you only buy his wallet? / – But my husband… Yes. We only bought his wallet. People don’t change. – Of course. / – After swiping the card, I got a notification. My hands trembled. – You’d get surprised. / – You would. – You would. / – They haven’t been there for a long time, so it must’ve been good. – He was really satisfied. / – Of course. He never usually takes out his wallet. But now he takes it out wherever he goes. One time, our child sat next to him. And he put down the unfinished chocolate, – and it melted. / – Oh, dear. It was right next to the wallet. My husband yelled at the child. “How can you put the chocolate here?” My goodness. (How can you put the chocolate here?) When it came to a new wallet, he couldn’t care about his child. He lost his cool at the moment. – He lost his cool. / – Yes. He treasures his child, but he momentarily lost himself. – But I could understand him. / – You could. – Yes. / – It must’ve been very precious – to him. / – After yelling at the child, – he must’ve felt very sorry. / – Of course. He must’ve regretted it right away. You recently moved into a bigger house. Right. There are many things to celebrate. Congratulations. We live in Gyeonggi Province. So the house isn’t that expensive. But it was the house I’ve been eyeing on for years. It was just around the area where I used to live. I really wanted to move to that house. – And we / – Did you buy that house? bought that house. I saw it in your eyes. “We are moving there.” Did you go to an agent? “I am buying that house.” I saw that in your eyes. Whenever I went for a walk with my husband, I told him how much I wanted that house. – That’s amazing. / – I always thought that. She used to never invite us. So we moved right away. What do your children say about the bigger house? – They love it. / – Right. “Mom, these days,” “I just want to stay home all the time.” – My goodness. / – My goodness. He really said that. Isn’t that what people say in an apartment commercial? – An apartment commercial? / – Perhaps you will get it. She might actually film one. Perhaps she already shot a commercial. Hong Ja’s income increased by 20 times. My income was very low to begin with. Actually, I used to wish that I could make just enough money to make a living as a singer. – Right. / – Enough to make a living. That has been my goal, so my financial situation hasn’t changed too dramatically yet. – Not yet. / – Not yet. 20 times is a big jump though. – Right. / – Right. – But in the articles, / – If you keep working hard… it said I was getting paid a huge performance fee, but I am not. Really? I wouldn’t say this if it was off by a small amount. – It’s too different. / – It was double of what I get. – They wrote it in the articles. / – It was wrong. – That’s understandable. / – It became a big issue. I didn’t say anything about it though. Soon it will reach that price. – Right. / – Right. I will work hard to get there. It’s not how much she’s getting paid now, – but she can work towards that. / – Right. You are supposed to create your life. – Right. / – She will get there. Sook Haeng, you are also busy being a good daughter. After nine years of working as a singer, I finally started having money in my bank account. – That’s good news. / – It was always a minus. That’s good news. I took my mom to a designer brand shop and asked her to choose. She knew it was her chance. – Other mothers would buy just one. / – Right. She asked me, “Can I buy one more?” – She bought 2. / – Yes. She bought 2. I bought it with a one-off payment. When you enter a designer brand shop,