[muffled small group of people talking] We didn’t answer the question,
do we want to work on one song
or one subject… Three songs. Three songs? Okay. ♪♪♪ The Smithsonian is sponsoring
songwriters to create songs that have to do with the
historical founding of
the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian archives is
huge. So I can really just go in and
access anything. Yeah it’s really cool to find
something that’s just from the
primary source. The first thing we did was just
read about all these really
cool people that none of us really knew
much about. What language is this? He falls desperately in love.
Oh my god. Several times a month.
[laughter] The knowledge really gives your
like creative flow more oompf. Write down everything
you just said. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh! Let’s see. What can we
pull from. You can come up with an idea
out of nothing at all.  But I think if you do have
something to work with it can
like help influence a direction. Because without information
there is no sustenance of what
I am creating. [rapping and sampling] I think my favorite part about
the process for this project would have been figuring out
the musical aspect, like, connecting with those
other people and getting to
know them musically. ♪♪♪ Guys! Guys! Guys! I have the
full song written now.
-That’s awesome “My sweet valentine, you are
always on my mind” I was hoping
that would be like the… I really like the recording
part of it. I think it’s really fun in just
like being in the studio. It’s
not something I’m used to. [singing] “Mrs. Henry,
I’ll be coming home” Solomon Brown…You got it fam,
you got it. I don’t know knowledge is power, and the Smithsonian archives
gives you access to that. [rapping] “Solomon Brown //
Smithsonian Legend!!!”