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bell below hey there good folks Ken Kunin from on song international
coming to you stateside and the sunny San Fernando Valley the traveled to Los
Angeles from Australia for a few days honoring my mom it’s her 80th birthday
and sitting in a living room where many memories were forged through the years
and that’s the thing about songwriting is your mind and your soul and your
spirit they take a lot of notes that in time turn into songs and I wanted to
take this moment as I’m holding this guitar that my old man gave me many many
years ago that lives here and it’s nice to be able to take out but I want to
take this moment to to tell you that if you’ve got something that’s special you
got a song that you think is worthy of the world to hear we want to hear it
plain and simple and if it’s something that we dig we’re gonna put it out there
so here’s how it goes you record a song whether that’s in the studio whether
that’s with your phone with that solo whether it’s a band it doesn’t really
make a difference but it’s got a shine and you’re gonna put that in a drop box
you’re gonna mention that it’s for our song international and we’ll see what we
can do I’m hoping that that you had some special memories wherever that you grew
up and in those moments if they’re truthful and impacting I think go a long
way in creating some beautiful memories and some beautiful songs so check the
link below that’s where you’re gonna send your songs and for our
consideration and can’t wait to see what what’s brewing inside your left ear and
your right ear I’m sure it’s something special all right from Los Angeles over
and out you keep rockin you keep writing take care