A New York Times journalist is catching some
major flak for painting deceased terrorist Qassem Soleimani as a poet and friend instead
of the bloodthirsty violence monger he was. Farnaz Fassihi posted a “personal” video
of the Iranian general shortly after his explosive death by a Reaper drone Friday morning. The video doesn’t show Soleimani as a hardline
Iranian hell-bent on destroying American hegemony, but as a sensitive man capable of reciting
poetry about friendship and loss. “Rare personal video of Gen. Suleimani reciting
poetry shared by a source in Iran,” Fassihi wrote. “About friends departing & him being
left behind.” Of course, we all know that Soleimani, commander
of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ elite Quds Force, was not renowned for his
poetry, but for his hardline stance against western nations. Fassihi’s tweet sparked outrage from those
who accused her of padding the reputation of a terrorist in an apparent attempt at casting
doubt on President Donald Trump’s strike that led to the Iranian’s death. In response, she defended her post as “reporting.” If Fassihi wanted to try some real journalism,
she could have done a little more digging to post material more central to Soleimani’s
character. A more honest picture of this terrorist figure
would be likely be appreciated by the families of his victims. As the Department of Defense confirmed, Soleimani
and his forces were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American and coalition personnel. Speeches targeting America were a frequent
staple for the Iranian military leader, and it’s not difficult to find both video and
transcripts that expose his fiery and radical statements. “Let me tell you, Mr. Trump the gambler,”
Soleimani said in one 2018 speech, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute. “Know that we are near you, in places that
don’t come to your mind. We are near you in places that you can’t even imagine. We
are a nation of martyrdom.” There’s no doubt that Trump did the right
thing by putting down a terrorist leader who many referred to as a rabid dog. What’s still in question is why so many
on the left are attempting to salvage the Iranian’s bloody reputation and spin him
as some cultural hero. Republicans cheered when Osama Bin Laden was
killed under the leadership of former President Barack Obama, so why do leftists not only
refuse to admit this Trump victory, but actively try to paint Soleimani as something other
than a bloodthirsty terrorist?