hey what's going on guys what Ramsay with the new GTA 550 for you guys today so in today's video I'm gonna talk about subliminal messages in GTA 5 now I'm here at uber gallery and in this video I'm gonna talk about the relating things to radio stations songs and music cuz that's very interesting now at over gallery we have this painting right here to start off with we have this music instrument and we also have this a frequency thingy over here and this painting by itself is already like a mystery like what is going on on this painting there are a lot of things now there's also what looks like a radio tower but it also could be something like an Oriole something I don't know it says good gosh cursor next to it so we don't actually know what it is it looks like a radio tower but I'm not sure about it now we found some really like interesting messages on radios billboards and all that we're gonna talk about that in this video so let's go I'm actually gonna go to the first bill word work we are gonna talk about is this will work right here because lately we found a Morse code right at the space FM billboard right here and that Morse code was kind of hard to decode people decoded it and I tried it also by myself and we actually found out that it's like some random letters and it also seems to be that we didn't couldn't even make a word of those letters and there are also some people claiming that it's actually saying Karl's game is not over so I'm not sure I'm not too sure about it what's going on right here but that's not the first thing we found a Morse code relating to radio stations because also at the rebel radio station we found a Morse code right here at this radio tower and that's very interesting cuz every time there's like something with a radio station there seems to be because we have some more cases now that there is a Morse code now there's not the only thing I'm gonna talk about a little bit later in this video about it but another thing are the songs in GTA 5 I also made a couple of videos about that because there are some songs in GTA 5 like talking about UFOs talking about monkeys and even Mount Juliet so that's very interesting the lyrics are connecting to the game itself now Rockstar GTA 5 made some songs for this game and that's very interesting we're gonna look at that as well now also there is a song named subliminal and that's just hitting maybe to it that there are subliminal messages there are a lot like also some other kind of ways like pictures buildings and all that but we are gonna talk about the radio stations and in that song subliminal it actually says flashing pictures on my screen well in GTA 5 the TVs that we have in those houses that you can turn on actually have like advertisements like also movies and all that and say some of the movies is going really really fast you you are like what no what am i watching right now and sometimes they show like an alien or something's like a weird robot or like a cave or like a mountain or a tree we actually found some DLC stuff within those scenes on the TV screens so yes Bluma no messages are found on the TV screens in gta5 next up we are gonna look at the song that is created for gta5 there are a lot of songs that are created for gta5 and shown right here you have to take a look at it by yourself cuz it's many many songs I'm gonna do research on it but one of the songs are very interesting it's the set up now this song actually has lyrics and it's kind of like what the last part of GTA 5 is all about like the last song this is also play it in the last song for GTA 5 so that's very interesting now says there's a traitor there's a mole it's a peacetime overthrown down and Damned I'm like what the fuck is going on like that's exactly what happened in the last part of GTA 5 in story mode so I'm like what the fuck like this is directly a message to what happened in the last scenes of the game now in the game itself if you play something like a mission and you kill someone or there's like something going on you hear that on the radio radio actually has like some settings in the game that if you do something they react on it so you have different kind of scenarios and if you do them they actually play that on the radio like this is what happened and this is what's going on and also like you have a different order of doing the mission so that might also be some kind of key to solve something to unlock something to play something in their way they want to play you the game now the thing here is like well I showed you guys like they brainwash you with subliminal messages that's very true in GTA 5 and that's not like the only thing like the epsilon like program is a whole fuck up like that's the biggest brainwash in GTA 5 so there are a lot of things subliminal in GTA 5 and radio stations are one of them now the songs there are 241 songs and there are a lot of songs created for GTA 5 you gotta take a look at it maybe you get some connection maybe you find something in the lyrics of those songs it's very very interesting now less part is that talking about Morse codes the radio stations like the rebel one the space FM one does have a Morse code if you're standing next to their billboard or next to their like radio station so I'm thinking about this like right here in the middle of nowhere there's one of those billboards with a radio station on it now this billboard right here isn't me of nowhere so it's kind of odd like to find that Morse code I believe that even though there are millions of playing this game you're not gonna just stand here and like be here and here are mush code because the Morse code on the space fm1 actually came like at a particular time and day now this one actually doesn't even have like stairs so maybe we have to stand on that ledge right there or maybe just right under it because there's like an arrow pointing right here to where I am so maybe this billboard as well has a Morse code there are a lot of stations in GTA 5 there are a lot of billboards with those stations on itself my thing next is I'm gonna do research on that it takes a lot of time but I'm gonna do that for you guys and also to solve this mystery so checking out the radio stations checking out the billboards that's very important in order to find those Morse codes maybe it's a very important message that we miss so I hope you guys enjoyed today's video if you are like them then what's interesting please put a like on this video and show your support I want to thank you guys for watching and see you guys in my next video bye bye