Hi, I’m Bobby [Krispy] this guitar lesson is about how to play satisfaction by the rolling stones So I’ll play the riffs first and I’ll show them how they’re played with the tabs okay, so here’s the main riff Okay, that’s fifth string second fret twice What’s more? fourth fret slide up to fifth [fifth] again fifth one more time one more and slide down then pull off the second fret Okay, and the [chords] for [that] re e D A That’s really chr. Okay. Yeah, the chords for the verse are [He-hey] Hey eise ever B7 Isa A It goes back in the first rhythm section Okay, and there’s a third guitar It’s heavy on the reverb Okay, so after sings I can’t get no it goes satisfaction that part there [okay], so that’s a fifth string seventh fret slide down to the fourth top string seventh fret slide down to the fifth And then back to the fifth string fourth fret slide up to the [suns] Top string no threat fifth string so threat then [Ii] [seven] at the seventh fret position Back to you [seven] Ye seven you seven A and Bachelor be rich Okay, I hope the lesson has been helpful and thanks for watching