Hi, my name’s Myles and I am the president
of UEA Dance Squad for 2014 and for 2015. Dance Squad encompasses a lot of different
kinds of dance, there’s hip-hop, jazz and contemporary. Our classes are student run,
so the students that are at UEA run these classes. We don’t do any sort of trial period,
we let whoever wants to teach teach. Every year, we take part in the Loughborough University
dance competition which encompasses about 25 different universities which is amazing.
We’re dedicated to providing a great experience for our members, in terms of dance… in terms
of socialising… in terms of kind of moving yourself up in your university life. Especially
at UEA. We practice 3 times a week, one for jazz, one for hip-hop and one for contemporary. All of our information you can find on the Union website or follow us on our Facebook
page and our Twitter page, yeah, get following!