[Music ♫] Well my name is Kim Paige. I am one of the proud founders of
Roscolusa Songwriters Festival that we host here every year in Nocatee. We bring in hit songwriters from Nashville,
Tennessee to the warm beaches in Florida. [Music ♫] They’re performing their original songs and, not only do you get to hear hit songs like some of your favorite songs that you hear on radio, but you also get to hear the stories behind them. This year’s gonna be out 7th annual event. We are so so excited! We started this event right off Rosco Boulevard in Ponte Vedra, right up the road, back in 2012. And then Nocatee got involved. So now it’s like one of the most fan-favorited events in Ponte Vedra and it’s such an honor to be able to be a part of it. We do it cause we love it. We love our community. We love the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund and being
able to raise funds for them. You know? And Nocatee has always
just been so great to us. They’ve been supporting us since day one
and helping us become what we are. [Music ♫] Nocatee has quickly become family. Y’all have the best neighborhood. Like the people here are absolutely incredible. We come out here to the Farmers Market every,
you know, couple of months leading up to Roscolusa just to, you know, hang out with the
attendees that come every year and it’s so cool to hear people come up to us and be like “Our friends love y’all’s event
we can’t wait to go this year!” You know, so it’s really awesome! [Music ♫] What would be cooler? What if Johnny Van Zant and Donnie Van Zant
showed up and sang! [Music ♫] We love you guys! Thank you so much for coming out! God bless Jacksonville Florida! Nocatee! Jeffrey Steele! Everybody! Oooh~ Jacksonville! Yessir! Roscolusa!