hey everybody welcome back
my name’s si, I hope you’re doing fine today we’re going to be recording a song
and I accidentally rubbed off the project so it was an ideal opportunity
to redo it re’film it and hopefully you guys stick
with me through this one another camera angle here how you doing over there so I’m gonna be playing the drums bass
guitars and vocals maybe a keyboard depending, I’ll maybe go back to my
friends put the keyboards back in I liked it with it but anyway
these things happen I’m gonna be back you know back on it and I’ve got a bit
of drumming to learn anyway in the meantime so I’m gonna do this video and
I’m gonna change the camera view so you can see down on the table what I’m going
to show you going into the zoom h4n and for you guys it’ll be like this okay
guys so here we are we go to the boss looper rc3 into the zoom h4n and the
only reason I do this is a click track in this and I could use that it could
all be done through there I like a little bit more sound you know like a
like a rough drum sound through the boss or any other kind of whatever you’re
using you know so I’ve chosen a rhythm I like in here the tempo I’ve got set that’s what I’m dealing with
I know that I want around 4 minute you know 4 minute I’ll go longer than 4
minutes and so basically all I want to do I’ve set the levels on the zoom on
the side here so that I’m not clipping and basically prime that ready to record
hit the record button can see that that’s that’s moving another good thing guys is a charging
battery for your mobile phone I’m running everything independently through
these and so this was this is a nine volt converter here and this runs on
five volt anyway so I’ve got these two things run all of my stuff my pedalboard
and everything and so there we go I’m gonna put four minutes roughly four
twenty maybe of rhythm into the zoom and I’ll come back what’s that’s done and
we’ll be playing the guitar basically into the zoom h4n so there we go part 1 is in, part 2
coming up is going to be the rhythm guitar so Melody’s done track 2 rhythm
guitar be sure to hit those buttons guys so you don’t miss anything and I’ll see
you on the next session