hey there welcome back my name is Si
this is part 2 of recording a song and we’re going to be recorded in the
acoustic guitar into the zoom h4n and this is the rhythm section part guys
right so we’re going to do that we’re going to keep it simple because again
with with some layering and the tracks we want to keep you know as much
simplicity in there as each track goes in it will start to build on upon itself
so re’frane guys from trying to put it all in in one go and if you need if you need
to you can always go back in later and redo you know the part and fill in extra
bits if you come up with a new idea so when I’m so caveat you know to that is
is the tone of your guitar so if you’re using multiple tracks of a electric
guitar say you want to be sort of aware that you’re going to go in again with
the same tone or the same setting on your guitar with the might with the
pickups be conscious of that fact that it can get muddy and you’ll hear that
you can’t really distinguish one thing from another and so if you just change
your tone a little bit like painting color mixing if anyone out there’s
artists you know you’ll know that one so you can get a different shade of color
basically and a shade of tone if you like you know shade of tone so yeah so
change you change change mess around with your tones do some practicing and
darken the sound with with the tone knob and then you know come back up again
lighten the sound anything that can cut through the mix
you know every time you put a guitar on or an instrument on this is an acoustic
guitar so it’s got its own sound it’s kind of it’s gonna cut through again I
might come back if I really feel I need to and and change this out for the
the electric this is song making here you know music music creating it can all
change I’m going to crack on the list little this little recording and if you
like in this videos this little series I’m going to do the bass coming up
vocals etc drums the dreaded drums this is for us really you know we’re a family
hopefully here learning together so hit that like button if you want to great
comment anything you want to say and I’ll get on with this and I’ll see you
after okay so there we are the acoustic guitar
is in the rhythm guitar and it’s gonna just fill in those little spaces where
the arpeggio you know every time you put a track on it’s gonna fill in and make
the song bigger which is a good thing this is what we want and so you know
again we can go too far with that and it can become muddly and horrible so just
keep it simple guys that’s all go from there and I’ll come up in it with the
next video maybe the bass maybe the drums I mean I’ll probably go with the
bass and and then the lead guitar and so if you loving it liked it and I’ll see
you in the next session guys