What’s up, my name is- is there a phone ringing? Oh, it’s my phone. Hello, my manager who oversees my economic situation. What’s up? We have no money?! But- okay. I’ll go work with a music producer. I have no musical talent, but you know I’m YouTube famous, the kids will buy anything I make. Lol kids are stupid, am I right? Yeah, okay. I’ll talk to you later about, you know, economics and stuff. Okay, bye. Haha, I’m just kidding, but it is true that many youtubers end up making music, Even though they have no experience in the field, and you know it can be a very obvious cash grab For some people, it may be something that they’ve always wanted to do like it differs, But it’s not necessarily bad. Today I thought that we would take a look at some YouTuber music videos and analyze them from a musician’s perspective. Sarcastic cup: *hoho* That was a pretty sweet burn. F*ck you. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (what are these trash lyrics) 9, 10, 11, 12. 13, 14 So let’s analyze these deep lyrics shall we? I don’t know what to start with this, I feel so emotionally moved. (ikr) No, seriously like, this is a comedy song. I think it works really well, actually it’s not too bad. Logan Paul is a pretty funny guy. (uh no he’s not) It’s not a good comedy song that someone worked really hard on or anything. It’s more like Sarcastic cup: It’s sh*t. (truest thing ever sarcastic cup has ever said) It’s like a sh* tpost. Just like a bad joke that’s funny because it’s bad. That’s what this is, but it’s like you know a millionaire’s sh*tpost. Autotuned Logan: fuck all the haters. That said I couldn’t do it I said I counted 30 and you know I fucking do it, I’m that boy Roomie again: I really love that old man acting, that’s like one of my favourite parts of the video. Autotuned Logan: That’s my boy, that’s my boyyuhhh That’s my boy, that’s my boyyuh That’s my fucking boy
THAT’S MY BOY THAT’S MY BOY (WE GET IT HE’S YOUR BOY CHILL) I can just see them writing this song and being like: you could just sing “That’s my boy” over and over! and shoot a expensive music video! Fuck with you if you say you love to count (what?) Counting is my favorite and that’s what this song’s about. Sing it loud. (uhh nah) and sing it proud. ‘Cause no, this ain’t the alphabet (no shit) Just in case you had a doubt- Roomie: Sing it loud, sing it proud, this ain’t the alphabet, just in case you had a doubt. That is the most basic humor ever. (How dare you? I’m crying with laughter right now) Counting and then being like: This is not the alphabet! (HAHAH SO FUNNY ROOMIE) I get that the joke is that it’s stupid. But it doesn’t like go past, IT being stupid. ‘Lonely Island’ does similar type of jokes. ‘I just had sex’ or ‘I threw it on the ground’ But they [Lonely Island] just take it one step further While this is just like: one, two, three, four, I’m NOT reading you the alphabet right now.HAHAHA You gotta give props where props is Thira(why are you talking about a Greek island lmao). He’s a really funny actor, I think that comedy’s probably his strong suit Sarcastic cup: Roomie, Roomie, Roomie. Just because comedy’s the only thing that this plate smashing idiot [does] Just because it doesn’t suck complete ASS, doesn’t mean that he’s actually GOOD AT IT! A lot of the faces he pulls and stuff in this; It makes me laugh. I think it’s funny. But since I AM analyzing this song right now I don’t think I’d even chuckle at the song. I am chuckling at the video Maybe not like while we’re filming now because I’ve seen the video before but the first time I saw it was like- Stop saying you’ve seen it before, IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE A REACT VIDEO! Einstein, Sir Newton, Galileo, (gibberish) That’s giving me this POWER to finish what I STARTED! Because I never the thought numbers were BETTER I could never wrap my head around a LETTER (you still barely can) Okay, you gotta give it to him there. That’s sick *doesn’t know “lyrics”* BETTER That’s just- that sounds so cool. I wanna listen to that again that just sounds so sick. (I’m not capping this again) That’s so sick. The backing vocals are so nice as well. It just sounds really good. I love that part. I haven’t truly commented on the singing yet, but honestly I feel like it’s alright for this kind of song I don’t mind it at all. It’s like really heavily autotuned and everything, but it just doesn’t matter. It sounds good I like it I can’t believe I’m saying this But I’m kind of excited for Logan Paul to release more music (lol what) just to see what he does with this I think it’s cool imma give it 3.5 Out of 5 Romi’s? Sarcastic cup: Oh, for the love of France (Vive la France) Just stop the ravishing(? I have no clue what he said) already. So we had a competition a couple videos ago Where I asked you guys to make songs with tracks from audio blocks and you guys delivered And I’m gonna react to some of them right now, and I’m gonna choose a winner that gets a shout out Swallow my butt. How the hell did that-? Bill Gates? And the winner is *pathetic impersonation of a drum roll* Lexo, congratulations! I really liked your video And how you showed how you produced with the audio block song. Here’s a short clip from Lexo’s video: I liked a bunch of other Roomie blocks videos as well. There’s a link in the description to a bunch of them in a playlist. Okay, so next up is Let’s listen Lit it up, I’m the one that’s on fire (oh god this is going to be hard to cap) Lit it up, looking at my G, we go higher There’s no getting around that KSI was born with a f*cking sick voice. No one else sounds like that Sarcastic cup: You know who sounds like that? Scooby-f*cking-doo He’s just run away from everything Because his voice is so cool. He almost gets away with saying: it’s lit (oh god no) as something that’s cool in a rap video But I’m still cringing a little bit when someone’s like I’m the one who’s being on fire (what are you saying Roomie) and like in the back there’s someone like: It’s lit. It’s whatever. The funny thing about this compared to the Logan video is: this is a serious song. This is actually him doing serious rap music. Flowing my riches, making wishes for all these bitches Haters so vicious, making riches in all these cities, yeah Hate going shopping, people popping for all these pictures yeah Say that I’m flopping still you copping, so why you knocking at my door? So far I feel like this is pretty alright. I mean this one is also is pretty heavy auto-tuned and stuff But that’s just what this style of music is. The current lyrics are pretty alright so far, however, it doesn’t continue like this. I’m ascending, living, winning like I’m J. Cole. I can do what I want. I can do what I want I can do what I want I feel like this song works for me up to that point saying I can do what I want Over and over repeat it like that makes you sound like a child I can do what I want! It reminds me of this internet classic video that is kind of similar Someone should actually remix these songs together because they just work so well. KSI and this guy they feel the same way guys Many many songs say that but when you say it over and over without any finesse or anything it just becomes really childish Gotta let them know I’m uncontrollable Being who I wanna be. Gotta give him props on like how ripped he is, he’s f*cking ripped. *technical issues* I mean I can appreciate a man’s body am I right? Everyone can appreciate a man’s sweaty, muscular body am I right? What am I talking about? (I don’t know Roomie I really don’t) No way, no way, no way, no way, no way (fucking 5 ‘no ways’) You controlling me No way, no way, no way, no way, no way (AGAIN? REALLY?) You’re not owning me Once again, it just feels really childish that actually reminds me of ANOTHER old meme *cue* We got a future smash hit on our hands with this remix I can do what I want, no-one here stopping me No one here stopping me. What was Big Zoo doing there? Kind of like doing this jerking motion with his hand like he’s you know touching a horse sized (why does it have to be horse-sized) Jalapeño! Exactly! (100% a jalapeño) KSI if you’re watching Sarcastic cup: Please stop (I agree) I think you got really cool voice, but you’ve got to work on them tunes bruh (intense cringe) He does have really cool abs. It’s not even like you know “oh, I’m skinny abs.” It’s like “oh I’ve f*ckin been working out abs.” I feel like both, Logan Paul and KSI have potential they have a lot of the audience like, they have a bigger audience than I have obviously. But I feel like if they really want to get into the music market and have people listen to them not because They’re KSI and Logan Paul but because they’re making good music. They need to work on it more. None of these really feel like just Cold-hearted cash grabs to me. They’re both good examples of when people actually try. It can be a cool thing I don’t mind these songs at all so keep at it gentlemen (gentlemen lmao) keep making that dough and I will be here not making that dough *cries inside* I would like to make a little bit of dough though (insert shameless plug) you can buy this little sassy mug right here It’s called Doug the mug (he’s called sarcastic cup thank you very much) Everything tastes better when you drink it from Doug the mug. Sarcastic cup: Put me down! You f*ckin gnome! *eugh* that’s awful! You cut that out right? It needs to seem like it tastes good. If you don’t want one of these I also have a patreon page and from just one dollar per video You can get just a HECK load of songs that I’ve already made like the three last videos I’ve had-is that three? Yeah, the three last videos I’ve had original songs in them and the long versions of those like the full versions are in patreon I think it gets something like 40 or 50 of my songs that you can’t get anywhere else if you go to patreon.com /roomieofficial Anyway guys, thanks so much for watching, I will be back next week and the week after that and the week after that until I die Which should be in about five weeks or so (yayyy) *in weird ass accent* Thank you everybody, thank you. *starts flapping the back of his shirt like an idiot* I’m gonna fly away in my- on my- with my wings. I have over here. Oh my god. I’m almost out the frame Am I out the frame yet? Now you out of frame! Oh my god I flew away! Sarcastic cup: I’m surrounded by idiots. (#SaveSarcasticCup)