What about your art makes you passionate?
One of the things in finding your message and finding your story that’s so important,
is that if you know where your art came from. And you know what kind of things go into your
art, it’s going to be so much more powerful if you have something to say. If you just
feel like you want to make art, just to make art for arts sake, then why is it going to
matter? It’s not going to matter to you. It’s not going to keep you going when times
get tough. This is an incredibly important part of marketing. Because if you don’t realize,
if you don’t know what your core value is. What you are committed to. What you’re going
out to try and perform. What you are trying to change the world by doing. You’re going
to be much more likely to give up when the going gets tough. Let me promise you, the
going will get tough. There will be times when you are making very little money for
doing what you really love to do. And then your heart will go, man am I failing at what
I really want to do? What I really love to do. So, what are you passionate about? Find
it. Go and find that thing. Man I’m passionate about seeing people come alive when they hear
my words. Suddenly something amidst them says, man I can do that too. I can be who I was
made to be. I want to do that. Man I am passionate about that. All right. I love talking about
that. You see me come alive when I start to talk about it. You need to find that thing.
Because that thing will keep you going when nothing else will.