Excuse me. Somebody please stop the car. Stop overacting. Is Abhijat always like this? I mean how is he by nature? He is a simple and ordinary man. Like one of us. Played and grown up.. ..in a small village. He set out for Mumbai to find a job. After finding a job, he got married. Because he was married,
he toiled day and night.. ..so as to fulfils his
responsibilities towards his family. But in this race of life.. ..he too had to stop one day. Abhi. Both my kidneys have failed.
I can’t do anything. Still, you will have to live. Don’t overthink about your illness. It’s a question of my life and death. You will know when you will be of my age. What haven’t you achieved in life? What did you have when
you came to this city? Dreams. It’s still not late. What could be the solution? Whatever the rest.. ..is best. “Be your own charioteer and
the sky will give you it’s way.” Dad…. Do Something Like
Entire World will know you. Now, I want to enjoy
every moment of my life. Dilip, I want to live the way I want. “Journey.. This is the journey.”