Grime was the pathway to salvation
really. It all started with this one guy at my school, he spat the best lyrics. It was very confusing you know, being 11, you were Mormon school was difficult because I was dyslexic but
didn’t get assessed and you’re going to a school where you, you don’t know anyone,
I look like an angry little chubby wrestler. Suddenly you know grime was
invented organically from a lot of the boys around me in my area and at my
school, were essentially well they were telling stories in a language I understood a
language of rage, a language of trauma, a language of comedy. “The skies are all empty cuz the stars
are on the ground” is a Dizzee lyric. I didnt really get the sky because I never had
the luxury of being able to look up, to be able to look forward. The beauty I had
always found, the respite I had always found were in the people around me, you
know, your heroes were local.