Hey there! It’s GreenSwanica.PROetess in the beauty of
nature and I’m about to **versify with vibrance** for you. If you haven’t already
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for the abundantly-appreciated support and now: “Love In Goldleaf.” Drape the red
of Valentine across the loving light of the sun and let truth be mine…
Linger in the windfinger fragrance of the Bard’s eglantine as I search for
the slake-of-snake that slithers and stalks pink ensign…Cupid’s shadow is a
merry & minute eclipse trailing blood of roses and cloudclad birdsong of a
mockingbird…Two ivory swans ethereal and elegant…-wet-… with brushstrokes of gold-as-gossamer cleave the silvery mirror surface of the lake gliding in
synchronicity and sylvan symmetry to face each other
bowed beak-to-beak…fluidly forming two halves of a whole: A rosy heart a-bloom
on water. ~~Thanks so much for listening, everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚ Check out my other videos and
feel free to connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc. ~~Until next time, POETRY BLOOMS ETERNAL.