Hi, folks. Steven here. Before I head off to Worlds next weekend in Boston, I wanted to let you know about a new written interview that I just posted to the PokePress blog. It’s with Pam Sheyne, who is a songwriter. And, it turns out that she co-wrote three of the songs on the soundtrack to Pokemon: The Movie 2000. She co-wrote ‘Wonderland’, ‘The Extra Mile’, and ‘One’. And, each of those songs, we talked a little bit about each of them and sort of explained the writing process, the production process, what all happened there. And, there’s some really neat information. Some things you probably did not know about those songs are in there. ‘Wonderland’ in particular, has an interesting story about how it went through production. In any case, that’s the interview there. Please check it out. I’ll put a card in here so you can take a look at that. Other than that, not much else. But, like I said, next weekend is Worlds. And, I hope to see you there. Captions by