Hi, Bernth here! Welcome to episode 11 of my weekly guitar
Q&A series, this time I would like to show you the difference between Nanoweb and Polyweb
strings. First off all I want to thank Elixir for sending
me so many different string sets for the upcoming tour and studio dates. I already talked about them in the first Q&A
video and got a couple of questions concerning the different types of strings they make. Today I want to compare the Nanoweb and Polyweb
sets. I will show you a direct comparison using
the same guitar and recording equipment for both. Let’s talk about the details first. Both string sets consist of nickel plated
steel electric guitar strings. They sound fresh for a very long time and
resist tone-deadening corrosion. Elixir is also the only coated string brand
to protect the entire string with an ultra-thin coating. That is exactly where the difference between
these two string sets lies. The easy way to remember is that Nanoweb coating
makes the strings sound more bright, Polyweb coating makes them sound warm. What I can’t show you in this video is how
they feel. I never actually took time to test them back
to back and was quite surprised by the difference. Polyweb coated strings feel slick & fast while
Nanoweb coated strings have a smooth feeling to them. To help you decide which one you should go
for, I recorded some chords, licks and riffs for a side by side comparison, check it out. As you can hopefully hear there is a very
slight difference in sound with these examples. Not a drastic change but you do hear that
the Nanoweb coated strings sound a bight brighter and the Polyweb strings sound a bit more warm. You hear it best with the clean & DI track
examples, especially with the two short solo licks I played. I really recommend to test different strings
back to back this way, it’s also very important see which ones feel better for you. As for the string gauge, I used 10s for this
video and played my Ibanez Artist guitar – not the fanciest guitar I own, so probably the
right one to go for a simple and realistic test. If want like to dig even deeper, Elixir have
a great tool on their website to further compare their different products. You can compare them to uncoated strings and
also to their new and crisp Optiweb strings. That’s all we have time for this week, I’d
love to know which strings you preferred and if you could hear the difference. Leave a comment and tell us which strings
you like to play or send me a question for the next episode! Thanks a lot for watching!