Buddy, the topper itself
is shitting his pants– but look at our
back-logger Gandhi bro… The condition you’re suffering
from is called, Nervous Laughter. When you’re sad, stressed,
scared or in pain– –you’ll end up laughing
without your own control. Am I correct? Hey, Gandhi! Compose! Compose! My son is very soft
and considerate– –friends are his life. I can’t imagine a life
without you in it. Why are you even laughing? Your laughter is
going to take places. Get him baptized at
Deity Veerabatharan. Until this thread is tied to your
wrist, no evil will dare to harm you. Seer, what if it gets lost? If it does, then he’ll have
to face grave troubles. He’ll encounter many evil souls. His life might be in danger. You’ve come to
Deity Veerabatharan he’ll take good care of you. For God sake,
don’t burst in to laughing, Gandhi. [MERSAL] What the hell
have you done to my folks? ♪ My heart is
aching with sorrow ♪ ♪ since she changed
her status to single ♪ We’ll get there, and once we get
there, we’ll do him royally. Can you or not do me? It’s a pride of 90’s kids. Do it, do it, keep on doing it! Listen, Gandhi… …It’s over! Hey, he’s laughing damn it Ey– he should cry he should plead and
cry for his life. ‘Even a cat will
pounce in self-defense’ ‘have you never ever
beaten up anyone before?’ ‘Don’t you get angry at all?’ If I Laugh..!
[TITLE] [VISWASAM] One thing I hate the
most in this world…is my Father!