Do we introduce each member? Oh!I see myself! Mhmm 🙂 Hello everyone! This is GGOD dance team! Today the members list is a bit different This is Alena I’m Ksyusha, Alina Su, Jeon Vova Sveta Or… We all know her other nickname Stop making dog themmed jokes! – I’m sure you’ll love’n appreciate these jokes 😀 Today we gathered here to film an MV reaction for you! I know you love watching it. And there’ve been comments requesting the new ones, So today we’re going to watch the new CLC MV together We do already have a dance cover to one of the previous CLC choseos We’ll put the link somewhere here Make sure to wathch it! So… We’re getting started! Hurray! Inaudible chants: crystal clear, CLC! Bury me somewhere after Seungyeon solo part pls I’m dead Visual’s in da house! She looks so much thinner! They’re all so pretty She sounds different! The style is different Shez so cuuuuuute They’re ike pranking each other Seungyeon’s top is getting smaller and smaller with each comeback What do you know about denim style? look at dis…. pretty Reminds me of something old school OMG they’re eating! *hungry* It’s more like Peppe style! Peppa? Pepe? UUhhh Is that Dreamcathcer mv?Wow! That’s the continuation of their dinner from “No” Woooo these outfits! *total concentration* (silly joke about t.rex move) Devil… My compliments to the girls! I even got a lil sweaty… Tension up! In contrast with the previous releases this one is very colourful and super bright I think all of them were brigh, but in a different way. Here… Vova has already mentioned, that it reminds him of their dedute MV And their very first song and “High heels” as well. the feel is kinda similar. And the bow that the rapper girl has, I forgot her name. Yeeun!!!! Yeah, remids of the debute too My giiiirl *creepy whisper* The sound is like of the songs I used to listen to 3 yers ago (sweet nostalgia lol) I mean that right after that their style changed drastically to something more edgy and bold like Hobhoblin For some reason I though that they’re gonna keep that theme Me too! And after the teasers I felt that it’s gonna be more like “No”. Just expected… I think it’s cool that it’s different. Nice when they donk keep to one and only concept When they switch to smth different. It’s great And I looved that everybody had parts (like decent lenght) That it’s wasnt like one is getting it all. Each of them is noticable. It’s real nice to see The vocal parts are hard here. Especially the chorus Pink hair is amaaaaazing They’re probably a hairwig, but still!! I’m just shocked Yeaaaah too hot. Pure reaction haha Real cool Su, did you enjoy? Yes My little candy baby I need the edit of this moment later ahhaah And yiu still don’t know some real nicknames of the guys here… Whose? *points* If you ant we’ll tell you later Not everythin at once hhaha (too much for a sane person to take ol) I really think you’ll like it. Yeah (hightly doubts lol) We’re witing for the lives! And new wins! Oh it kinda reminded me of Sunmi as well. She was also jumping on the needles(clc used cactus) Something also hit her… And hen she ate the pills G-idol also had something like that G-idol? Fiercely sorry!( for pronuncialion) Wildly! And in Russian Roulette too! They also bullied each other Don’t do that…. But it’s pretty Stay safe and take care of your beloved God save CLC I wanna see the perfomonce Our!! Ours with that dance hhhahahaha OMG let’s stop it! We have to say bye properly Not like that Alina while swinging: BYYYEEEEE Alina, come back! I’m very sorry for them lol Yeah guyz, Tell us what reaction videos you’d like to see We have a fun idea to film reactions not only to kpop but to whatever you want us to do one Reaction by those people over there, who are flying and oinking behing Please comment down below! We’ll be happy If yiu want we won’t get them over amy more lol But actualy we’re all fine and sane So… thank you so much for being with us! We loved it and had fun! Sorry for those crazy loud ppl But we still love them! Thanks! Thank you so much! Stay with us and subscribe! Bye-bye! *Smooches*