When we found out about what happened in Las
Vegas, all of us at Musicians On Call, and the music community, and even here in Nashville
felt like we needed to do something. At Musicians On Call, our volunteers were both
in the audience and on the stage, and we knew that even though we didn’t have programs in
Las Vegas, we needed to do something to show that Musicians On Call, the music community,
and Nashville had the backs of our fans and supporters and the people of Las Vegas. What made me decide to come here today was
the invitation from Musicians On Call. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I admire
and respect the work they do and what an honor it is to be a part of it and every time I
am a part of it I walk away feeling, certainly, that I was more blessed than anyone else that
I’ve met. Sometime when I got the call and asked
if I wanted to be a part of this, I said, absolutely, was gonna make any arrangements
necessary to make sure that I could be here with you guys. I played Friday night and my family are all first responders. My dad’s a paramedic and firefighter, my uncle,
my stepmom is an RN, so sitting here I know, I grew up watching and learning and seeing that…
my dad at a fire station hanging out talking and the next thing you know they’re having
to do what you all do. And thank God for you guys So we are now headed to Sunrise Hospital It’s almost 9 o’clock at night We’re gonna be going there now because this
is the shift that was working a week ago when the shooting happened. So these are the folks that work in the emergency
room when all those people were coming in so we wanted to make sure that we got there
to show them some love, play them some music and let them know how grateful we are for
them because they work the late night shifts so we didn’t get to see them today. You know how other people were impacted. Everyone’s trying to find a way to help and
you know, help people get through this. It’s amazing, and you guys coming out..amazing
and super sweet. Now it’s a hard time because a lot of patients
have gone home and the ones that are still here are gonna be in for a long haul and they
need that reinforced, uplifting assistance. So, we really appreciate you coming. Thank you so much for having us. Yesterday meant so much to us on a personal
note because we got to meet a lot of you last night late and it was one of the most special
moments for us because we know that you guys don’t get the break. You know, you’re constantly, from the Las
Vegas tragedy and straight back into work. That ER was packed last night and you guys
were still doing your jobs, you still showed up, you still worked as hard as you possibly
could for the people that needed your help. We will never forget that, we will take that
back home to Nashville and share it out with as many people as we can and we can’t wait
to start coming.. hopefully, we can just keep coming back, right Pete? Every week this time. We’ll walk around for a minute and Reba will want to FaceTime with you all and send you some love. On behalf of Musicians On Call, thank you
and we will see you soon. I can tell you I won’t sing any of these songs
the same way again. Once you sing a song like “A Life This Good”
to somebody in a situation like this, you come to understand the power of music and
you never take it for granted again.