My name is Samantha Osborne and I am
from Sacramento, California. I chose to major in music because it was just
something I had always loved growing up. My studio voice teacher is Professor
Georgine Resick. She has really helping me become much more confident and look more deeply into the poetry and how you
can express it through the music with dynamics and tone. I especially enjoy
being able to share a piece of music with other people. I’m so focused on the music and really
trying to portray the message of the piece. It’s a very rewarding feeling when
you can kind of conquer a piece of music and really learn it and perform it well.
The whole process of studying and learning music is very different from a
lot of the other disciplines. We study not only the pieces of music that these
composers wrote but where they grew up who they learned music from and how
previous composers influenced the type of music that they wrote. You really can’t understand a piece of music until you understand the history, politics, art. All
of the influences that helped create that piece of music. Last summer I
received a grant, both from the Nanovic Institute and from UROP, and this
enabled me to travel to Rome to do a research project. I really wanted to
perform something by the composer Alessandro Scarlatti, but so much of it
is just sitting in libraries in Italy. I spent two weeks in Rome and was able to bring back eight unpublished manuscripts. I never expected to do something so cool
but I’m really glad I was able to do that. For next year I have decided to pursue a Master of Sacred Music at Notre Dame.
Even if you aren’t planning on having a career in music, music is something that
you don’t have to drop when you graduate. No matter what you do you can
continue to be involved in music. I also think it’s really valuable to just study
something that you love and that you’re passionate about because you’re going to
get a lot more out of your education.