Here we are in red box studio. We’ve decided to come together and record a trio album Brendy on flute, Deirdre here on guitar, and myself Conor on pipes We’ve all been playing music together for a long time Brendy started me off on the whistle when I was a kid, which was a year or two ago So it’s probably his fault that I’m playing tunes today! Myslef and Deirdre have been playing in sessions with Brendan around the country for many years, so we thought let’s get together. Let’s record an album and make a record of what we’re doing We are recording some traditional tunes, some new compositions, and a lot of the music we play has a strong local connection Hope that we see you somewhere along the line at a gig Enjoy everybody The album ‘Music in the Glen’ is out now Get your copy Direct From the Artist at Or via iTunes, BandCamp and other online stores