it’s a time of innovation in music you
see business models changing right now and I think the entrepreneurial musical
artists in residence program is important because it helps students see
some of those new models without ever having to leave East Lansing entrepreneurship and innovation are important for today’s music students
because they’re gonna need a way to get their name out there. You are an
entrepreneur. You are a small business with one employee,
yourself, and thinking that way is not necessarily something that musicians
grow up doing so I think, you know, it’s not something that should be separate
from their education it’s something that should be integral to their education. It’s constantly evolving you know our world is changing every single day and
so unless you’re really garnering those skills while you’re in school, it can be
terrifying once you leave and no one has really given you any guidance on how to
really build a career in today’s world. I would say that entrepreneurship is a
really important part of our education because upon leaving MSU students who
have received that kind of education have a lot more success finding
themselves and finding their niche in the musical world. I think the benefit of a longer
residency is you really get to go in depth with the learning for the college
students as well as engaged the greater community in the learning that happens
with this artist. And that kind of work wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have
the Federal Credit Union’s endowment so that eighth Blackbird wasn’t just doing
a drive-by and packing everything into one day at the College of Music but
actually had some time to go out into the community. This is on mission for us
absolutely to come to a university and engage with as many students as we can
in the three days that we have here which I believe that we’ve really done
this is this is about giving back not only to the audience’s where we perform,
but also helping the next generation do what we’re doing and hopefully do it in
a new and more exciting way. Eighth Blackbird was the perfect
inaugural entrepreneurial musical artists and residents because of their
reputation at the forefront of really the changing business models in music. It was a group that I’ve been wanting to see for a very long time so being able
to work with them was very incredible that was something I didn’t think that
would ever be able to happen. To see these kind of players this kind of very
high quality performers and to see them like across from you and giving you
advice as if they are your professors or your peers and being so cool and so down
to earth, that was– I think– it was a very rewarding experience in general both
musically and personally. The experience I had with Eighth Blackbird when they
were here was just so phenomenal so I can’t imagine the great kinds of artists
that they’ll bring in to top that so I’m really looking forward to see what’s
next for this program.