Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this guitar lesson is [about] how to play mother by Pink Floyd from the wall Okay, so the first chord is g and d as a passing chord and see Hammer on with your middle finger You [I] left your middle finger and gee Hammer on with your pointing finger that part again gee Okay, so that’s part 1 and part 2 is C G Hammer on with your pointing finger D See you gee and run through a point if occur Okay, then the course where gilmer fixing its [gee] see Have run with your middle finger Than f then you play f and the C for x so F c/f c f and C. Okay, then it’s f Okay, would you play that it’s f? see move your little two fingers down one fret so it’s like that and f with an open a Just as a passing Chord and G Camron 20 figure empty see Vegan D Then the chords over the solo RG see gee gee see So basically it’s g and C. Three times then D C Then g respect to part [one] again [and] part 2 okay, so that’s [a] lesson. I hope it’s been helpful and thanks for watching