Lights up on Bill Gates’ room as it might have been in 1969 The papers here reference Bill’s (in)famous ability to jump over an office chair from a standing position There’s a computer mouse in the corner A Hamilton-style entrance for the main character… “His name was Bill Gates!” “Ahaha… wait a second. I’m not Bill Gates.” “Well of course you aren’t Bill Gates!—yet. Bill Gates isn’t a kid anymore. These days? Bill Gates is… more of an *idea*.” the PC revolution is what Microsoft was built on A choreography reference to a series of Surface commercials directed by Jon M. Chu c. 2012 Ariana Grande coming up: cheesy PowerPoint star transition! We’re heading into Verse 2, the gaming verse! The music here references Halo… …one of the largest franchises of all time (70M copies) Forza Motorsport! (~20M copies sold) Minecraft! (~180M copies sold) Gravity doesn’t apply to most blocks in the game Adaptive Controller helps people game no matter their physical ability Xbox consoles are backwards-compatible The magic of Xbox live & voice chat: HoloLens is Microsoft’s augmented reality platform It lets you see holograms… and one of the most famous holograms ever: Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform Amazon, also in Seattle, has the only other major cloud computing product Choreography reference to “Singin’ in the Rain” here And a music reference to Toto’s “Africa” (“I bless the rains…”) coming up: One major breakthrough with quantum computing is the use of 3-state bits (qubits): Two more quantum phenomena: Quantum computers operate near absolute zero (−459.67 °F) Lots of advanced tech is kept under wraps Newer AI agents are going to CRUSH Clippy Former CEO Steve Ballmer is famous for his chant: “developers, Developers, DeVeLoPeRs, DEVELOPERS!!” How is it that everyone here does so much? Right? I don’t get it (Joking:) Maybe there’s something in the water. Hi there! May I please have a latte, but could you add an extra shot of whatever secret ingredient it is that makes people here so successful? One of the most profound lines in 2008 Cult Classic “Kung Fu Panda”… “There is no secret ingredient.” (the strength of the dragon warrior was in Jack Black the whole time) Everyone brings their own. One big problem in access to tech: Another big problem in access to tech: A musical theater classic: Kick line! Microsoft’s mission statement: