[Music] Within two months of being in this
program I knew like a million times more that I
knew at the beginning of it so it was just
fantastic. You’re going learn a ton of concepts that are unique just to
the music business itself. That you’re not gonna find in a traditional
MBA or other master’s program. We’re here in Los Angeles, you know, the
Mecca of the music industry so it only makes sense out of all the schools, all the programs to offer a
master’s degree in music business that this would be the perfect choice.
So many executives, so many different artist managers, so many different artists, came in and actually spoke to us
and let us know what their experience was in the music industry – working with
professionals. We got inside information; we learned up-to-date knowledge about current
trends in the music industry. I think really what impressed me most
was the professors themselves. I feel like I got to know every
single professor and not only that, but they care about my
career; they care about helping me in my career; they
care about helping me in their class. Not only are they incredibly
knowledgeable about their sectors of the music industry, but they’re actually
still working it. They’re not just retired and teaching about the
old ways it’s a lot more relevant and current. When I first
started the program I will definitely very nervous. The fact
that we were in a cohort setting it made the experience a lot better.
It really kind of brings together the type of people that you deal with on
a day-to-day basis in the music industry. If you have a lot of work experience
or a fair amount of work experience you can take these concepts literally
the next morning and go back to work and apply the things that you’re
learning in our program to your daily job. That happen to me
constantly and as I grew within my job function, the concepts that I was
learning within the classroom were applied almost
immediately. If you’re looking for a graduate program and you’re passionate
about music, but you want to really change the music
industry, then this is a program for you. [Music]