(electric guitar wailing solo) – Hello, my name is Marlon Williams, and I’m here to check out the new Fender American Professional Tele. Some of the key features of it, I’m pretty excited about it, so let’s check it out. (electric guitar solo) And one of the first things
I noticed about this Tele are the new V-Mod Pickups. They have that vintage Tele sound that we all know and love, and that’ll pretty much
get you through any gig, whether you’re in the club, studio, live, they allow you to play
different styles of music. Let’s try the bridge pickup. (upbeat electric guitar solo) Mid pickup, funk stuff, that kind of thing, you know, to get you through it. (funky electric guitar solo) And the jazzier stuff, with the neck pickup. (slow, jazzy electric guitar solo) One of the other features of this guitar is the “Deep C” neck. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s a combination of the C and the U. So the neck is thin at the head start, and it gets meatier towards the body, so you can really dig
in if you’re doing rock, or you’re soloing, or whatever you’re gonna do. So in combination with this “Deep C” neck, we have the narrow-tall frets. First time I’ve seen that too. But they’re really, really cool, they get you around a guitar really easy, it’s a really solid feel, the bends are crazy on this thing, you really gotta check it out. I mean, specially when
you’re down deep in here, it’s real smooth, your intonation stays, you know, you can really get in there and really do your thing. So another thing I’m really excited about is this new Treble Bleed Circuit. This thing can change the game for you. If you’re onstage or
studio or whatever it is, mainly on stage, and you have pedals and you have gain going, you can turn this down
and you can still keep your high end, so you
can still cut through, even at low volumes. It’s just really cool, I mean, it’s powerful, it’s great. So I’ll go through something and show you what I’m talking about. (electric guitar solo) (volume amplified on guitar sound) So one of the coolest
things about this guitar is the bridge situation. Now, this is what I’m talking about, as far as them making little changes to make a big difference in the guitar. This bridge is a normal, ashtray bridge, but they’ve cut it down a little here, so you can get in with your palm, and, you know, start
bleeding and all that stuff, and then if you’re bashing
on stage or whatever, or you’re doing funk stuff
and wanna get in there. It’s real comfortable, and it doesn’t send you to the hospital. This bridge also has these
brass barrel saddles in it, and it’s great for intonation
because to compensate it, again, the little things
that make a big difference on this guitar. (funky electric guitar solo) Thanks for checking out this new American Professional Tele. Stay tuned here for more info. (funky electric guitar solo)