Hi, this is Matt Sweeney, I’m with Mac
DeMarco, and we have these Stratocasters. [SOUND]
>>Yeah.>>They seem to match your sound, when I’ve heard your stuff I’ve
assume you’re playing a strat. [MUSIC] Strats, see I went through, I had a
moments when I was a kid, that was great. And I decided, if I want to good Strat,
it’s gotta be a really old one. Playing old guitars, using old gear and
stuff like that, a lot of the time I’m kind of like, well it’s not going to
sound good if it’s brand new. But then it’s, yes it sounds like a Strat
probably a lot better than with new pickups and everything like that. So what I need,
I need something that’s ready to rip. All good to go. [MUSIC] Yeah, I love it. My first real guitar I guess was
a Strato This is the only instrument that I’m even close to being
acceptable at playing, I think. But, it’s just the easiest way for
me to get what I’m thinking out. Studio engineers,
they probably make great sounding records. But they’re going to tell
you this is wrong, that is, there’s no rules, play a guitar,
play a bass through a guitar, go ahead. Go ahead, enjoy yourself. I don’t really know what I’m doing. I think as time has progressed,
I still like to play with the pick and I like to shred and stuff. But the more I can make my
guitar sound now like a guitar, I think I really like to DI it,
I barely use amplifiers. Clean, crispy, kind of slippery sounding,
this is like it. [MUSIC]>>Do you use a chorus pedal?>>You know what’s funny
about the chorus thing? because everybody is always like,
Mac uses the chorus. I had this little unit that I used
to use to record all my guitars, and it had what was a chorus setting on it. But what I was doing, was turning
the mix knob all the way up, so it was only giving me the chorus effect. I always assumed it was chorus. If we play live, I was like I’m
going to get some chorus pedals. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Now I’m like, Mister Chorus, you know? Little did I know, it wasn’t chorus. It was a vibrato. So it’s not, two signals, and one’s going,
>>It’s the other.>>A little bit delayed, with,
it’s just one, wiggly worm. [MUSIC] It’s exciting. It’s exciting stuff.>>Show off the whammy a little bit, do some whammy moves-
>>This puppy?>>So the kids- [MUSIC]>>Yeah, and for strumming? [MUSIC] That’s gross.>>It’s gross, but bellissima. It’s like a nice meatball,
you know what I’m talking about? [MUSIC]>>My fault.>>Respect. [LAUGH]
>>Is that your phone?>>That is my phone, yeah. Biggest faux pas in the biz, eh? She wants my PayPal
password to do my taxes. Not today. Not today. [MUSIC]