Don’t be fooled by appearances because whilst
its looks are dark and heavy, the range of styles this guitar is suited to is limitless.
Designed in house in the UK, the unique features start at the matte black angled headstock
with metallic Lindo logo and contrasting black and white laminated truss rod cover. Also
home to 6 die-cast chrome, smooth action machine heads for accurate tuning.
The 42mm nut width and C-shape, satin finish neck is really smooth allowing for swift lead
work up and down the neck. The neck material is maple which offers a bright tone and is
coupled with a rosewood fretboard to add warmth to the sound. This neck is set-in to the body which as well as adding a distinctive sculptural look, improves
the transference of string vibrations between neck and body, which ultimately provides excellent
sustain through the pickups. The matte black body has subtle cream binding
which is continued up the neck, and has the classic F-hole cut-out which exposes the hollow section. The back of the body has a belly cut which means it sits really well when played standing. The tonewood we’ve used for the body is willow and this combined with the semi-hollow
section and neck and fretboard combination means it produces a solid, true clarity with
warm tone and fantastic sustain. All this sound is transferred into an amp
using 2 single coil, soapbar style pickups controlled by tone, volume and a 3-way selector
switch to allow you to choose the neck pickup, bridge pickup or a combination of both. It
has a fully adjustable chrome bridge and a stop tailpiece which is also height adjustable
and this can be used to tailor the sound and set-up in the hands of a more experienced
player. Another benefit of having the semi-hollow
body is that it allows for a greater volume than an electric guitar when played unplugged
as the hollow section acts as a soundbox.