“Romeo and Juliet,” but this time Juliet does not text back, Romeo embraces his bi-curiosity, he and Mercutio kiss… a lot, and no one advises a young girl
to drink all of that Nyquil. “Taming of the Shrew,” but this time no one
is expected to belly laugh watching a man starve his wife, and in the end,
our fierce femme protagonist pulls the pin out of her fascinator, stabs Petruchio,
her so-called lover, in the neck and goes on to star in the second season
of “Glow” on Netflix. “Hamlet,” but this time Hamlet is trans, a young non-binary femme
doing their makeup and asking themselves,
“to be or not to be,” because what is sitting down at a vanity to paint your hard face
in its soft truth for the first time if not interrogating your own mortality? And this time, the royal family invests
in some really good grief counselors, and no one shames
the young prince for crying, and the young prince
doesn’t gaslight their girlfriend, and no one dresses
for their daughter’s funeral because no one drowns, because no one is stabbed, because no one has to die
to learn what love is. You and me, but this time, we don’t define our worth by how well our bodies
retell someone else’s story. And so we laugh until we cry and we cry until we laugh, because the binary
of comedy and tragedy, like all binaries, cannot hold us. And I am not afraid to be femme. And you are not afraid to text back. And I embrace grief as counselor. And we throw a funeral for shame. And we drown in stars. And we glow, every second of every season. (applause)