first off apologies for the noisy roof
above a couple days ago someone that I know he’s he fronts a rock band he’s a
singer-songwriter he was asking me do you have any rules that you follow when
it comes to songwriting and I don’t know that I actually gave him any rules as
opposed to maybe a few observations and a few thoughts um the first thing that I
said to him was was you have to be willing to write a lot of crap before
you’re actually going to come up with a gem and and really the mark of a great
writer is is can you consistently write good things can you bring your level up
to a certain level that even your bad songs are pretty good so I think it’s
like any skill or any endeavor you’ve got to be willing to put in a long time
and a great deal of effort to get to a certain level the next thing that I said
to them was is it’s about consistency a lot of song writers whether they’re new
or whether they’ve been writing songs for a long time they might have a song
where they have a great verse and you then get to the chorus so you get to the
bridge and it’s a bit of a letdown or you might have a great guitar part but
the question is is is everything at that level from top to bottom to be able to
say you know what my verse is as good as my chorus and vice versa and at the end
of the day you have to be your own best critic okay where I should say your own
worst critic in that you have to be able to say you know what this song in and of
itself isn’t strong enough and it might be better to just scrap it and start
again with the next next song a third idea that that I had was is is how much
are you willing to potentially make an ass of yourself and you know he kind of
looked at me like what do you mean and I think that when it comes to actually
putting yourself out there that if you’re going to be an artist of any sort
you have to be fearless and you have to have very thick skin because if you
don’t actually show yourself in your work its think of it this way it’s one
way to have in Lewin says and it’s one way to be able
to say you know what I love this artist it’s another if you start to actually go
beyond that influential stage and start to copy it the question is is are you
willing to let yourself be a bit naked and expose who you are
and even if that might not be a beautiful thing at that moment to
express okay this is where I’m coming from
you might repulse some people you might absolutely enlighten some people but
it’s that willingness to be able to say Here I am this is what’s special about
me take it or leave it and I think that the great artists have that fearlessness
to go that extra place so those are a couple thoughts to the singer
songwriters and the band leaders that are out there and anyone that loves
music do me a favor in the comments below give us a thought that you have on
what you think is I don’t know a rule or a thought or something that is going to
help other people write better songs cool