# Ssh # It’s oh so quiet # Ssh # Ssh # It’s oh so still. # Can I say that Alesha looks fit? You can say she looks fit. You can say she’s fit, like,
she’s proper fit. She’s proper fit. Do you put an ‘innit’ at the end?
She’s fit, innit. # Ssh # You’re all alone # Ssh # And so peaceful until SCREAMING # You fall in love # Zing boom # The sky up above # Zing boom # Is caving in # Wow bam. # ALL: Hi! LAUGHTER What’s your name? ALL: JSD Minis! I can’t really hear you.
What was that? ALL: JSD Minis! # You seem like trouble to me. # I’m writing, “Lola was here”. Do you want to answer the phone?
Hello. Goodbye weirdo! # Don’t you come here
thinking about it # Ain’t that far # You seem like trouble to me. # They look confident
which is a good thing. Imagine having
to control them though. How are you doing?
Are you enjoying the job? No. LAUGHTER Hi, my name’s Nigel. I am Olivia’s father
and she is part of JSD Minis. I like your hair. It’s really cool. LAUGHTER JSD, they’re ready for you. # And you turn up so flashy clean # Smells like trouble to me. # Hello! And breathe. JSD Minis are a troop
who really are like family. They’re together.
They believe in each other. They support each other. They are a sisterhood,
quite literally. Oh! Oh! Please turn your lights on,
open the mirror. JSD Minis are fire,
they’re vigour, they’re passion. ALL: One, two, three, JSD Minis! Now that’s the kind of group
I’d love my little girl to be in. I would love it. Turn it on for them.
They are absolutely fantastic. When the mirror opens, they’re
going to freak out. Oh, my gosh. I say when because I think when. Lights down, quiet please. MUSIC: Proud Mary
by Tina Turner Ha-ha! There we go, let’s go girls.
Look at all the lights. They’ve got my vote. I’ll vote yes. Oh, that’s it. Oooh! CHEERING They did it, mate! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Little Rose! Amazing. # That’s right, that’s right,
that’s right, that’s right # I really love your tiger light # That’s neat, that’s neat. # That was incredible. # I really love your tiger feet # Your tiger feet # All right. # You had the captains on their feet and the audience
absolutely loved you. Are you happy? Did you enjoy it?
ALL: Yes! Did you think the mirror
was going to open? ALL: No. You need to have more faith
in yourselves. Come on, girls. Matthew, what did you think? That was so lovely.
Thank you so much. You should be so proud of yourselves
because you guys are exceptional. That’s awesome, man. Honestly girls, the joy on
your face, the expression, the arms, everything was absolutely
brilliant from the start. I see myself in you guys. I started
dancing when I was young as well. I love that you did cartwheels, you did a split jump and you kept
the personality and the formation. I was like, you have me. You have all of me. It looks like the audience
has fallen in love with you. Are you happy, girls?
ALL: Yes. # I really love your tiger feet # I really love your tiger feet # Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-tap your feet # Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-tap your feet. # So beautiful. That was incredible. Only, we’re not playing. Boom, bang, pop.
And their faces. Yeah! I know. I was like, yes. # I really love your tiger feet # Your tiger feet # All right. # I loved that.
It was amazing, wasn’t it? You know what, kids actually give
you energy, don’t they? They do. You know why as well,
there’s no insecurity. There’s no… It’s naive, pure,
raw, innocent talent. And they are just enjoying it
as a group of girls. Did you enjoy it? Yeah.
Are you excited? Yeah.