I think most importantly for me music is a
way to express human nature’s and human emotion in a beautiful and artistic way.
For me personally my passion for music comes from God, and most
importantly in that aspect just the way that I can experience what I
feel is a gift to all mankind from God and that is music. Well music for me
first began when I was performing in church and having a long background in
church as does my family so I was first exposed to music in church and music was
always in my home. My parents are instrumentalists and we were always
playing music together or singing together or doing this and that together
and it all seemed to revolve around music. I first came across music SA and August
teaching music as a senior in high school. I had opportunities to sing with
a man named Moses Hogan which is a big name in the choral world especially with
spirituals and gospel music which again played to my background and singing with
him really propelled me to choose music education as a course. I saw the way that
he interacted with people and just the way that people interact with him and
thought you know hey I would like to have that someday.
Well I had a little bit of extensive research two years prior to coming here
looking for different schools that had DMA programs in choral conducting. And
then also within the Choral Department, the particular year that I was looking
they were hosting a Choral Music in Americas which was advertised
nationally and it was within a choral journal which is a big publication
within the choral world and that kind of tipped me over the edge of hey this
school is doing things nationally, maybe I should give it a harder look. And
then as I got into it further and started to just look at specific schools,
I really thought that NDSU would be a great fit for me and then as I came
here I found out that that was actually true. What I find to be special or unique
is the ability to work closely with the professor’s here at the University.
Because of the size of the program I’m able to interact more with the ensembles
individually and collaborate with other graduate students but also just the
relationship that I’m able to build professional relationship I’m able to
build with the professors and the faculty here has been truly amazing I
think very unique to this school in particular. I think NDSU does a great job of
performing music that you normally just study about and I think they do a really
good job and not just teaching us about music from all over the time
period, but actually experiencing it and I think that is a special part of the
program that I really enjoy. Even just in the year and a half that I’ve been here
I’ve grown leaps and bounds. I’ve been humbled on many occasions in the process
of learning different things but learning how to do things differently
especially coming from a different area of the country, learning to acclimate to
different cultures and to different ways of teaching has given me the chance and
the confidence to go in other areas and try other and new things. I would
say to any individual that was looking to come to NDSU to simply just come.
I believe that they will fall in love with the people as I have. It’s one of the
biggest things that I enjoy about North Dakota and Minnesota in general is the
people and once you are immersed in what you’re looking at what you’re experiencing
that you’ll make a decision quickly.